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S/W-H/W Upgrades

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  • S/W-H/W Upgrades

    Mainly for all those TDW-1/V-Cymbals Questions ...

    Yo, in case y'all were not up to speed. For the longest time all software upgrades have usually been backwards compatible. This means if you have h/w A running on s/w version X.1 and you buy h/w B, it will still operate on s/w version X.1. However, the catch is, if h/w B has some features on it that require s/w version X.2, to get them goin', (RARELY at no cost : so thank Roland for givin' y'all the TDW-1 V-Cymbal upgrade for almost free), h/w B is still gonna work on your X.1 O/S (less that feature). OK?

    So don't freak.