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Best way to use SPD-XX

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  • Best way to use SPD-XX

    I have just purchased an SPD-11 and wonder what is the best way to run it. Through the Aux input or straight to the board? Any suggestion would be most helpful. I used a Octopad 2 with my old TD-7 set up but that just used MIDI and I think I may use some of the SPD-11 sounds, so this is new ground for me. I tried the search and did not really find anything but if there is info let me know the link. Thanks for all the help in advance.

    Stixx777 www.tocsinrocks.com
    Ted H.

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    Hello Stixx, I have a SPD-20 which I run straight into my little Mackie Mixer. I also have been using in to trigger my Sampler which inturn the Sampler is ran straight into my Mackie. Thats what I've been doing with both my TD-10 and TD-8 plus the HPD-15 is going straight out into the Mixer. Makes for a real nice setup that you can adjust everything individually from one spot. Hope this helps.

    Brian Kidd


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      I use the SPD-11 to trigger sounds in the TDW-1 brain. Son in essence it's like having 8 additional pads triggering sounds in the brain. Another plus is that the SPD has four pad inputs that you can use to add 4 more pads giving you a total of 12 more pads to attach sounds to. The TDW-1 has four percussion groups that each have 128 different instruments (this is a bit misleading though because it includes all of the drums you have in the current kit). By using different programs on the SPD you can cycle through the different combinations of sounds in the percussion groups. I also use this combination to trigger outboard samples using a MIDI splitter and then I control the samplers output at the board.