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Live recording, triggering

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  • Live recording, triggering

    We recorded my band during a live show to DA-88's and we are mixing it down right now. We used an acoustic set during the show. However somebody wasn't watching the kick as the show was happening, so there is digital distortion just about every hit. Is there any way to use this track to key/trigger a sound from the TD-10ex using a direct out? Something easier than taking it into protools and replacing all the sounds manually. Thanks.

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    I am no studio technician but isn't it just possible to have the acoustic bass drum sound on 1 track and then simply connect the output from the mixer to the input of the Vdrums.

    Or perhaps there is a easier to use software sequencer than ProTools.


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      That is what I was asking about, what trigger setting do you use? Do I have to worry about what kind of cables I use between the mixer direct out and the td-10?


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        I'd compress the Distorted Kick track first. Like this the noiiissssseee will become clicks and will give better triggering results(less double triggering).

        Just plug in normal audio cables and start with a low volume. The TD-10 indicates if it's too loud or not..
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