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Cross Stick & Rim shots

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  • Cross Stick & Rim shots

    I just got my V-Ccustom set and am loving every minute of learning all its features. But try as I might, I can't get the cross stick or rim shot feature to work on the snare. I've followed the instructions in the manual but to no avail. Any suggestions?

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    Are you using a stereo cable?



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      I am using the cable that came with the V-drums. I assumed that it is stereo.


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        When I bought the TDW-1 expansion card there was a pictture in the manual which showed how to play x-stick sounds: both drumstick ends on the rim and not - like you're used to - only the tip. Perhaps this is the same with the Vcustom

        For x-stick versus rim shots you will have to experiment with trigger settings.


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          Hi Mainer,
          I have the VCustom set as well and there are only certain snare samples that are made to work with the cross stick. It's explained in the TD8 manual but you have to read carefully to find it. When I get home from work today I will try to find the page and post that for you.