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  • Originally posted by Billkwando View Post
    You've posted there since it came back, silly!

    You still working on the rudiments trainer or have you hung up your rudiment hat?
    I am still building basic beats and beginner stuff.. Just work has taken over my time for a while.

    And my Mac runs DTXMania - through a windows bootable OS. Bootcamped.
    Alesis DM10 & Trigger IO, 5 8" single input DIY shells; 2 18" DIY Bass drums, 1 13" DIY eSnare, PinTech 14" Visulaite Hi-Hats, 2 PinTech 14" choke-able crashes & 18" dual-zone ride; Steven Slate Drums EX. Mounted on Superstrut custom rack.


    • Hey does anyone know where I can download Misery Business by paramore or send it to me? I've searched absolutely every gda/dtx site and the only dload links i found were of thai origin and were down. my email is thanks!


      • Originally posted by ghostman View Post
        And my Mac runs DTXMania - through a windows bootable OS. Bootcamped.
        How well does it run on a Mac? Is there any display stutter or lag?


        • Anyone know whether the XBOX Rock Band Drum Set is CAN be compatible with DTXMania on PC?

          It's got a USB lead


          • Where do I download this game from?
            The links previously posted are dead.
            Can you change the lanes/reposition drums?

            nm found it, not as good as I wanted.
            I'll continue with my own
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            • Originally posted by CreepyD View Post
              Where do I download this game from?
              The links previously posted are dead.
              Can you change the lanes/reposition drums?

              nm found it, not as good as I wanted.
              I'll continue with my own
              Hello! Sorry to took me so long. I was gonna show you.

              Is there something else I can help you with on it?

              We do have a large collection of songs @ esp. on the forum.

              Also, when you say you'll continue with your own, what do you mean? Do have a nifty program to tell me about??
              Ion Drum Rocker (Medeli/OSP/Yoki/Alesis) and Yoki DD908 module
              Using Rock Band instruments on DTXMania (the Drummania/Guitar Freaks emulator):
              My DTXMania songs:
              [QUOTE=bogiesbad;335265]You should wait at least thirty minutes after swimming to buy a drum kit...[/QUOTE]


              • So, how do I exactly use DTX? How do I hook my drums up to it? I love the idea, I can tab out my work outs & play them going the right tempo, & the songs that I've been working on to get better. How do I use it!!


                • mini guide

                  How to download and use DTXMania:

                  First go to this page and download the .zip file. Unzip the files in a directory, you can call this dtxmania or whatever you like.

                  Make sure you have the .Net framework 2.0, MS webpage. Also make sure that your Windows is up to date.

                  Run DXSETUP.exe in the DirectX Redist directory. You just unzipped this in the dtxmania directory.

                  How to ad a song?
                  You can make a directory (folder) to order the songs: e.g. a directory called rock for rock songs. In this directory you can place the entire directory of the song you downloaded. dtxmania should now see the new song.

                  How to play with you drumkit?
                  First you need to start you module or whatever you use to your pc via usb. Start you module and then start dtxmania. In the configuration menu you can setup the drums. Example: select the snare [enter], select a number [enter], hit the snare drum. Do this for all you drums and cymbals.
                  After setting up the drums you can play the songs you have.

                  I think this is all you need to know to setup dtxmania.
                  My kit: Yamaha DD-75.


                  • Any usb cords you would recommend?


                    • The kind of usb cord depends on you module. There are midi to usb cable if your module only has midi out. I don't know much about this because I use a Mega Drum. I just use a standard usb cable, the same one for a printer.

                      DTXmania goes crazy on a few songs I want to play. It also goes crazy when I play a working song on a higher bpm. After loading the song the notes rush down like a train, it's like super fast forward. In a few seconds the song is completed and it goes to the scoreboard.
                      The songs I play are ghostman's rudiments. For example the ''1 to 6 warmup beat''. It works fine on 80bpm but if I set it higher it goes crazy.

                      I have re-installed both the songs and the games. What could it be? Help!
                      The game is running on XP SP3.
                      My kit: Yamaha DD-75.


                      • Bump!

                        Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Even with the newest version it still goes crazy. Help!

                        taken from the GDAmania forums.

                        I guess it's thousand separator and decimal point problem.
                        Some countries use 1.000,00 instead of 1,000.00.
                        Somehow my game sees 100.00 as 10000.
                        There must be some sort of clash between the point and comma separator.

                        Here is how I fixed the problem:
                        I opened the 100bp.dtx file for the ''1 to 6 warmup'' song. The bpm was set to 100.00. After setting bpm to 100 the problem was solved. Same trick worked for the 120 bpm versio. I think this is the way for me to fix all my songs.
                        I used Notepad++ to edit the .dtx file.

                        I also had to replace the points with comma's from the notes to make the songs work like they should.
                        This can be done real fast withthe replace tool in Notepad++, press ctrl+H to open it.

                        Check out this thread for more details.
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                        My kit: Yamaha DD-75.


                        • super bump!

                          Hey there, I'm new here. I just bought a Roland TD-1KV and I'm loving it! but i also love DTXMania so I really want them to both work well with each other.

                          I mapped all my pads, but the cymbals (specially the ride cymbal) is not detecting my hits very well. It's like it only works if you hit it in a very specific area of the pad. Does anybody had a similar problem?

                          The snare and all the toms work perfectly fine. Hi-hat had about the same issue as the cymbals.

                          I bought the kit used, not new. I read people saying maybe cymbals get dirty inside the pads, but no one is talking about this issue specifically. And also, they works great with EZdrummer and every other stuff I used them with, so I don't think this is the issue.

                          edit: here a link with lots of songs for this game!
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