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V-Cymbals and Alesis D4

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  • puttenvr
    Almost every trigger works with almost every module since most triggers use piezo technology and most modules accept the light voltages coming from them.

    Next manufacturers put special functions like postional sensing, pressure sensing, trigger to velocity and cymbal choking in the software. The V-cymbals work best with updated TD-8 and TD-10 modules because you can trigger more than 1 sound with them. I don't think the Alesis can do this.

    In other words: for a straigth forward triggering - yes
    For all functions (position, choking) - no

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  • Ted A
    started a topic V-Cymbals and Alesis D4

    V-Cymbals and Alesis D4


    Has anybody tried using the v-cymbals together with Alesis D4 module. Does the trigger ok, or not? I am very interested in the v-cymbals but I don't know if the work together with my Alesis D4.