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Pintech ConcertCast ST question

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  • Pintech ConcertCast ST question

    I just purchased a Pintech Concertcast ST, dual zone, for my new V-Club set. How do I know that this e-drum is dual zone? There doesn't seem to be any model # on the drum, just the word PINTECH on the bottom side. I haven't been able to get it to work correctly yet. Another obervation is that the drum does not have slited plate on the bottom like all the pic I have seen of this drum. Thanks for any info.

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    Set it up as a PD7/9 and make sure you use a stereo cord...



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      Call Pintech.
      Tony Carlson is a good man.
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        Thanks for the info but is there anyway to identify what the part number is of the e-drum by looking on it?


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          acidbran, what is the phone number for Tony Carlson?


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            It is probably the older model. They didn't have the "laser cut" slits in the bottom plate. You should be able to see the rim piezo stuck to the inside of the drum shell looking down through the mesh head.

            Don't set the pad type to PD-7/9. The module will be expecting a piezo/FSR pad. You have a dual piezo and I believe the setting is 12R (I don't have my module with me).

            Tony Carlson's number is 800-445-0506
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              Well, I am having a problem finding a way to set the Pintech cc102st to the dual piszo setting to get the rim shot. I can only find Roland trigger settings in the TD-6. The only other settings I found were for other1 and other2. What are the steps to set this pad for rim shots? Thanks for any help.


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                On a TD-6 I think the pad type should be PD-120. Roland's PD-120 is a dual Piezo pad.
                I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!