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More Info needed on the NEW Pintech Cymbals

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  • More Info needed on the NEW Pintech Cymbals

    I have heard talk that Pintech will soon be releasing some new cymbals. Can anyone confirm this?

    Does anyone out there have any spec information on them yet?

    Single zone or Dual zone?
    Built more like the Roland V-Cymbals?
    Release date?
    Price range?

    Just to name a few of my questions...

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    FYI, an email I received from Tony Carlson at Pintech last week:

    We do have some new cymbals due out soon. These cymbals will be 14" dual zone chokable. We will have a Hi Hat available in a 14" also. We are looking forward to this happening in about 2 weeks.


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      Thanks for the info...

      I can't wait to see the price point. Roland V-Cymbals... HAH...


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        Don't forget that old old saying.

        You usually (I added that part) get what you pay for!
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          You're right fredinator, I got a great set for 2/3 the price of its Roland counterpart.

          I believe that Roland makes great stuff, they just ask too much for it. (IMO)

          I also hope that these new Pintech cymbals will not have the problems I've read about some v-cymbals.


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            Any word on the new Pintech cymbals? I haven't been able to reach Tony at Pintech. Nothing on their Web site yet...
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