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  • Bass Drum Pedal...

    You know how if you learn to do things one way, then get good at it, then someone comes along to show you the easy way?

    Well now I am asking to see if anyone knows the easy way. I have a Tama 200 Iron Cobra Pedal, and though I am becoming quite proficient with it (it's been a long while since I played this consistently and constantly on one set) I am wondering what you guys might have to offer with regard to getting the best out of the pedal. I usually drive heel down with my foot right near the chain for the best control (dang if the Vdrums don't wanna double hit all the time) with the spring as tight as I can get it and the beater set almost vertically (it travels very little distance to the drum). What can I get (better/worse/other) by loosening the spring or setting the beater angle farther back (toward me)? Anyone?

    This new fangled, adjustable pedal is new to this kid... any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!
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    You need to get a bit more throw in my opinion. That's if I am understanding your description of your settings. I own a double Iron cobra set up, albeit an older one.
    Keeping the beater that close will only enhance the misfires on the pad.
    If you can , try other friends pedals and experiment.
    Myself , I like a fairly loose tension and a long throw with a bit of a beater weight, maybe 2/3 rds up the shaft.
    Gives a good whap!.
    I also play heel up mostly and do a lot of sliding to do my doubles and triplets, so the easier the better.
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    I am sure I will edit this as I am on my 4th beer........
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      I play heel down too, and I like the beater to hit when my foot has not moved down very much, so I have advanced the beater holder about 1/4 inch along the axle.

      This solution is not ideal - trying out another kit is really awkward - the beater keeps falling short of the drumhead by about - you guessed it - 1/4 inch. I really should switch to a pedal with a footboard angle adjustment, but inertia is a powerful force.

      I tend to raise my toes a bit, and play the pedal with the ball of my foot, sometimes moving to the big toe side for speed.

      What is really useful for me, and what I have read most pro drummers do, is not play way up by the chain. Instead, there is a sweet spot, roughly 3/4 of the way up the pedalboard, where the pedal feels balanced, and with a small "throwing" sensation you can sort of toss the pedal toward the drum.

      I, like acidbran, like a pretty loose spring tension. I think it is less work, faster to the drum, and can actually reduce double hits, but like acidbran says, you may need to back the beater angle away from the head, as there will be less spring tension to keep the beater from rebounding off your foot back into the head.

      I have a Pintech mesh trigger, which I have tuned down quite low - less springy - which made a huge difference in reducing double mi****s and increasing the feel.

      E-drums don't require a lot of impact on the (mesh)head like acoustic drums do, so one doesn't necessarily need a long throw or a heavy beater, but most folks come from an acoustic experience, and that feels the best for them.

      Unfortunately, if you put ten drummers in a room, you'll get fifteen opinions, but hey, you can try them all out and see what works best for you.
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        You speaka da truth.
        Hey, I just played about 15 gigs in just over three weeks in the great north east. Including a one nighter in Lake Flaccid.
        How is big Burl doing?
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          You GB (GingerBaker) --

          You apparently play a lot like I do (at least as far as the bass goes)... your suggestions (minus moving the striker so close to the axle) were right on the money... Now it's all about getting my talent back to where I know it can be. Thanks.
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            Hi Acidbran

            Jeez - 15 gigs in 3 weeks! I'd need to be spoon-fed by gig number 5. How do you manage that? And don't say "clean living and a shoe-shine" cause we know better.

            Big Bad Burl is doing just fine. We are in the midst of our annual jazz fest - music all over the city for about a week. The Blues tent had Son Seals Quintet last night which was nice. Burlington has a huge amount of live music year-round for a city of its size.

            Let me know when you are up this way. I'm good for at least a free beer or two or even a home-cooked meal. (I still regret muchly not making it over to see you when you played at the Coach barn at Shelburne Farms - but I don't make the same mistake twice).

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