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V-Club is a real mind blower.....YEAH!!

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  • V-Club is a real mind blower.....YEAH!!

    I'm in the process of moving more toward acoustic drums for studio and live work, having spent enough time with E's and realizing, in my opinion and for my taste, acoustic drums, in the end, allow me be to more expressive musically as a drummer...

    As you can see from some of my classifieds on this forum, I've been blowing out all of my E-drum gear and have invested in a very, very sweet acoustic drum rig....

    However, I read enough positive posts about the V-Club kit, and since I still thought a v-drum rig for practice and midi recording still has a purpose for me, I decided to pick one up when I came across a great price...all I can say is....


    For the money, this kit is by far, the best value out there today, bar none...it is sort of irritating though to think that I spent well over $2000 on my e-drum rig and this $1000 rig comes pretty damn near close to duplicating it, and then some....for computer recording, this thing is GREAT!!

    So my advice is my fellow V-drummers is: Don't let all the marketing and all the hype fool you....ain't necessarily a slam dunk that the more you spend the better of a kit you'll get....

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    Originally posted by captain54:
    So my advice is my fellow V-drummers is: Don't let all the marketing and all the hype fool you....ain't necessarily a slam dunk that the more you spend the better of a kit you'll get....
    Completely agreed. This is my first set of e-drums and I did alot of research before deciding on the V-Club set. I added on a PD-120 for a snare and a CY-12H for a hi-hat, and I'm very happy. The one thing I'm kinda missing is real bass drum feel, but it's going to be a while before I decide to upgrade to a mesh kick pad.

    All in all, after having the kit for a little over 24 hours, I've pretty much just scratched the surface. I'm still learning a lot about where the "rim" sounds begin and the "head" sounds end.. Kinda tricky on those CY-6 cymbals. Also kinda tough to do cross-sticking as others have pointed out.

    But I agree, the V-Club really is a value, and it's upgradable enough to keep me happy for quite awhile. Off to go bang on it some more.
    kit pr0n.


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      I'll add my $0.02. I've had my V-Club for about 6 weeks and I can't sing its praises, enough. Prior to buying it I did a lot of research and played them in the store about a dozen times and finally took the plunge. I also play Tama Artstar IIs, but haven't even looked at them since I got the V-Club. My only prior experience with Edrums was a Yamaha PTX-8 kit (which I still have), but I only used it for effects because the feel and sensitivity sucked. I've played 5 shows now with my band using the V-Club, and the band and I am extremely happy with them. I even like the feel pads and the KD7! I made a pad using instructions I found on this site, and attached it to the side of the snare pad to do cross-stick sounds with and it works great! I wish I'd had these a long time ago. I'll probably add a PD80R somewhere down the road (I've already added a Pintech SE102DZ for another cymbal), but for now, I'm really happy. I'd recommend these to anyone.



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        I've got my v-clubs for half a year now and really lovin'it! I've upgraded with a DIY-meshhead and a DIYpractocepad and it's really nice.
        I'm hoping to be building some more mesheads, also for the bass so I can pratice those doubles!
        And overall....the TD-6 really blows your mind!!!!!!!
        DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas