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Mesh Heads Galore!

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  • Mesh Heads Galore!

    Hi folks,

    In an attempt to provide some (hopefully) useful information to the Vdrum community, we have drafted a comparison matrix of various mesh heads that we've been able to get our hands on and compare. It's not "finished" as we have been adding information to the matrix as we get it (hint, e-mail me your experience if you think it would be useful to add).

    <a href="http://www.drumbalaya.com/mesh_heads.htm" target="_blank" >Link to Drumbalaya Mesh Head Comparison</a>

    Let me know if you like this sort of product comparison and we can maybe do a few more as time permits...


    Drumbalaya! Specializing in electronic drum equipment.
    Ed Morin [ mailto:[email protected] ]
    Phone: 866-881-9313 / 425-881-9313 FAX: 425-881-6000 http://www.drumbalaya.com

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