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Newbie: Did I do right?

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  • Newbie: Did I do right?

    I have finally jumped into electronic percussion after drooling for several months now. I set my initial budget to get up and running at $1500, knowing I'll want to upgrade the hell out of it later.

    So obviously at that price range, I went with the V-Club set. Got it for $1069 shipped from Kraft Music (they matched BPM mus. I also ordered the CY-12H hi-hat from Kraft for $245 because I think a real hi-hat feel is very important when I'm playing, and I've read good things about it (and some bad, but we'll see, I can always return it.)

    Knowing that playing on a rubber snare wasn't going to cut it, I decided to buy a PD-120 for a snare. Kraft didn't have good prices, so I ordered a PD-120 from Midwest Percussion @ $319.99. I also got a Gibraltar 9508C cloth-top throne for $83.95 and a DW 7000PX single bass pedal @ 79.95. Threw in a pair of Vic Firth 5B nylon-tip sticks to complete the picture.

    So first off, did I get good deals on the above items? Free shipping from both stores. Also, am I going to need anything else? I've already exceeded my initial budget by $300 (the PD-120 put me over the top, but a mesh snare is essential!)

    I have an amplifier, headphones, and all that stuff. So, when everything shows up this week, will I be able to start playing?

    This is my first electronic kit and I don't want to forget anything!

    Thanks, and I look forward to hanging out around here and learning from all you experienced v-drummers.

    kit pr0n.

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    Don't forget the snare stand.


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      Oh yeah, I have a spare snare stand... Forgot to mention that.

      Thanks! Looks like I'm all set then. Can't wait.
      kit pr0n.


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        You mean they hate the feel of the CY-12H when compared to just a rubber pad for a hi-hat? That would be rather surprising!
        kit pr0n.


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          Originally posted by tonycpsu:
          You mean they hate the feel of the CY-12H when compared to just a rubber pad for a hi-hat? That would be rather surprising!
          I was unaware that you could add the CY12 to the PD6 module. Is it a plug and play type of thing?


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            Er, um, the PD6 is just an 8.5" single trigger pad... Which will (hopefully?) be replaced by the CY-12H I bought. As far as I know (and someone PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong!) all of the V-Drums and V-Cymbals work with the TD-6 controller that comes with the V-Club set.

            My idea is that the CY-12H will replace one of the PD6 modules, and the PD 120 will replace another, allowing me to have a better hi-hat, a MUCH better snare, and use the two PD6's as extra toms or whatever else strikes my fancy. Did I miss a memo, or is this doable?
            kit pr0n.


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              I'm sorry, I fat fingered my keyboard. I have a TD-6 module with my v-club set and I am using the PD-6 pad as the hi-hat (stock items that came with V-Club set. I too would like to add the better hi-hat (PD-12 I believe). I heard that you needed a card or adapter to attach this pad to the TD-8 or TD-10 module. I assumed it would not work on the TD-6 as it did not have an expansion slot. (ok, ok, don't rib me about the "assumed" part). What's the gig on this can we add the PD-12 pad to the TD-6 module by just plugging it in to an open port ?


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                Well I won't rib you about the "assumed" part, but I *think* you're talking about the CY-12H rather than a PD-12 (I don't know of a PD12, but I'm a newbie around here.)

                Roland's site, regarding the CY-12H, says:


                12-inch electronic hi-hat pad with beveled edge for extremely natural playing feel
                Dual-trigger system with individual sensors for edge and bow of cymbal
                Includes exclusive holder set for natural rebound of drum sticks and stable striking performance
                Works with acclaimed Roland FD-7 Hi-Hat Controller (required)
                Compatible with all Roland TD-Series/SPD-Series sound modules

                So that makes me think you'll have no problem with the CY-12H on your TD-6. And neither will I, unless I missed something!

                The only V-Cymbal limitation I know of on the TD-6 is that the ride cymbal (CY12R/C) has three-way triggering, and the TD-6 won't support the third trigger. Some of the experienced folks will correct any errors... But I think we're okay with our TD6 and the V-Cymbal hi-hat.

                [This message has been edited by tonycpsu (edited May 20, 2002).]
                kit pr0n.


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                  Originally posted by c. jude:
                  [B]I think most would prefer to a traditional rubber pad, but few would say it has a truly "real hi-hat feel".
                  Okay, no miracles then. I guess it's the best option available though.

                  And yes, it will work with a TD-6. I had a TD-6 for a while as a second module.
                  Awesome, I thought so! I would hate to have to return it if it didn't.
                  kit pr0n.


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                    Thanks for the clarification Tony. I am new to this E-drumming as well. I bought my v-club set about a month ago. I have never been happier. I can practice anytime I feel like it ! The CY-12 is on my shopping list. I added an additional CY-6 for a second crash cymbal. I still have not found the right cymbal stand and clamp. I tried using the Gibralter hardware but the CY-6 and the half round adapter (that comes with the CY-6) would not fit, the shank on the cymbal stand was not long enough either. I am ordering the cymbal rod and clamp from Roland (identical parts that came with the V-Club).