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Hart ADC and Kontrol Screen mesh head success

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  • Hart ADC and Kontrol Screen mesh head success

    Ordered the Hart Kontrol Mesh Head and installed it today on my Pacific Acoustic tom with an Acoustic Drum Conversin trigger and it truly does work great....It works better than the acoustic mylar head, BTW..

    Pacific tom bought on ebay....$30
    ADC trigger....................45
    mesh head......................13

    about $90 for a triggered acoustic tom
    with a silent control head....

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    Well, yeah like Ive said on other posts...

    I converted a used basic Pacific set of toms, bought a chrome Accusnare, bought all the brand new Hart Ecymbals IIs (two crashes,one chokable, one dual zone ride, hats) added a DM pro, a Gibraltar rack, a Kd-7, an Fd-7 all for between $2000 to $2500 and I still have an acoustic set if I need it...

    You gotta shop around though, and it took about 3 months waiting for things to go clearance or on sale, in between scouring ebay .

    If you want to simply purchase something, plug it in and go, then the $5000 Roland Session experience is for you....


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      Originally posted by PGann:
      Oh, I forgot another $200 for mesh heads and cables... so we're talking $3,400 (hummm... that figure sounds vaguely familiar) for the idiots that sold their acoustic set and $1,900 for the more level headed individuals.

      O.K., you can go back to sleep now.
      Very intersting but for sizes other than 10" and 13" they only have single ply heads. How are they going to hold up? I've heard complaints on this board that they just didn't cut it.

      What am I going to put on my 24" bass drum?

      I know, I'm being picky. You are saving so much money that you could have plenty of spares but...

      I use Harts for my Toms and I can say that the 2 ply heads are rock solid.(pardon the pun)

      Interesting alternative though I must say.



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        The ADC puts a full pad of foam under the head. I guarantee you you'll not be able to tell the difference between the feel of the single ply head with full foam vs. the double by itself. Because of this added support, I believe the single plys will hold up well. My guess is you might not ever wear out a tom mesh. The snare and bass will get the brunt. I've posted numerous times about the effectiveness of stick-on bass patches... crap, I've always used those on even the mylars. Even with the snare, I don't think there will be anymore problem with failure than regular mylars... you do even replace those occasionally, don't you?

        Also, don't forget that you CAN use mylars over these if you don't need the mesh's reduced sound signature. Anyway, the ones I've tried like this were really not that much louder than the mesh equivalent. I always play through an open amp at home anyway, so either way works for me.

        As I said in another post, I think I'd use a mylar for the bass anyway. Gigging it won't matter anyway, especially if you use a cut-out front head and a pillow. Given the alternative of miking acoustics vs. triggering, I'd choose this any day. Bottom line, you've got all the advantages of the sound module and the "R" systems, but with your own REAL set of DRUMS! I have not tried the stick-on triggers, but it's also my belief that this would have that option beat in terms of trigger accuracy and possibly crosstalk. The snare I'm doing this with now plays exactly like my Acusnare, which rivals the "R's" in my opinion.

        I just really think this is BIG NEWS in terms of cost options and performance and I find it unbelievable that nobody really seems interested.


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          I think many are interested, but affraid to fork out that kind of money without knowing exactly how it will work. The above info has convinced me to give it a try. I have a set of Pearl export selects. They cost 750 new, and are good looking and durable, so I think they will do fine. Has any body used the adc on a bass drum? Just curious how it works.

          thanks for the info


          Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.


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            Here's an option that is even cheaper yet:

            They are using a Remo muffler (which looks like what Hart uses, except it's the ring type) and mounting it to a Pacific drum kit.


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              I could probably use maxwell house coffee cans, although I prefer folgers, and get the same results; as an alternative that is. This would be considerably cheaper than acoustic kit conversions and would sound......HEY!! That's a great idea I could form a little 3 piece jazz trio, call it the "Brew Crew", and play every starbucks from here to L.A.



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                [quote]Originally posted by PGann:
                I also realize that 90+% of posts come from the same "very small" percent of "regulars" here, and they've all already plopped their money down on whatever they ended up buying and are likely not really interested in hearing about alternatives like this.


                Your point is more then valid. But I think a lot of users here wanted to get a full e-set and walk away from their a-sets. Some might have changed their mind since, but most wanted to have a set that would encompass all facets of a-sets but in an e-set.



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                  First off... relax. Second ..really cool idea!! I'm trying to find a way to make my V's look cool with my band. It is nearly impossible!!! Your idea sounds like a winner if a couple things are happening. I'm curious on the tracking with the Hart stuff.
                  I am used to my TD-10 and have it dialed in. Are you using a TD10 with these ?? And if so how does it compare/track to using a Pd-120 vs. the Hart ?? I'll shoot you questions as I think of them. Thanks for the info. James


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                    TD-8. I don't have any way of doing a side-by-side A/B with the PD-120. My honest impression as indicated earlier is it compares to the Acusnare with double-ply mesh in terms of feel and response. It's also my impression that it actually has a better dynamic range on both ends... not quite as "hot" even with volume turned up at the softer end of the spectrum and more "ummph" at the louder end. I find that I can get a very even and gradual rise from one end to the other. Again, I'm comparing to my Acusnare, not a PD-120.

                    Again, I'm doing this experimentation with a 13" brass Pearl soprano snare. But, as is possible with these modules, I've hooked it up as both a snare AND all toms to see if I get consistent results... and I have.

                    The only "minor" issue I mentioned earlier is that the foam tends to start sagging slightly in the center, pulling this area slightly aware from the head when you really get into it as a snare. This causes an occasional dropped note. But, as also indicated, this is very easily addressed with any number of creative means of supporting the center.

                    Again, my assessment was and is that they do as advertised... no hype.

                    Now, whether they'll meet up to everyone's requirements, I bet not... I've not seen any indication that any piece of gear is ever going to satisfy everyone. Again, all I'm saying is I'm sold on my experience so far, and I'm pretty picky myself. I'm saying no one has admitted to trying them until recently, now two individuals have - both giving positive reports.

                    Regarding the PD-120 or any other e-snare you're sold on... just keep it. Why try to fix what's not broken? Maybe just look at doing toms and or bass. It's just another option that allows keeping the acoustic look, but with the electronic advantages... of which #1 for me absolutely is reduced volume. All the other e-stuff is just gravy.


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                      PGann - some of use went for the edrums to save weight and space. Simply converting my Pearl 9-ply Maples to e-triggers would not solve one of my primary needs - less weight!! Not all of use drummers have roadies to do all the grunt work, and at 40 plus... I really like not having to lug 400# and 9 gig bags around. Fortunately, I was too cheap to 'give' my acoustics away for a song, so I still have them, and get to play them from time to time.
                      Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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                        The whole motivation for me to go the Hart ADC route began when I started shopping for an edrum kit..I did all the instore demos and thought Roland and Yamaha all had their strong and weak points, but overall I felt I could put together something on my own that worked just as well, looked cooler, and almost half as cheap..

                        I found that I could pick up a barebones entry level acoustic kit for a song...add a dm pro, a Gibraltar rack, couple of epedals and I was 75% of the way there, with the ecymbals and Hart ADC sealing the deal...

                        So my intention was not to convert an a-kit that I already had, but it was to find a cheaper alternative to Roland, that looked analog and acoustic, but yet compact enough to hit the road with, while allowing for late nite practice sessions without disturbing anyone....

                        Right now I have an Accusnare and two 9x12 toms with ADC triggers....one tom mounted on the rack and one off to side as a floor tom..
                        Down the road I even thought of cutting the toms in half and thus giving myself four toms with ADC triggers, with the extra cost being around $150 for the triggers and a couple of tom mounts...

                        Everyone that sees this kit, musicians and non-musicians are blown away by it...the majority of the non-musicians even think its an acoustic kit until I start pointing out the electronic end of it...



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                          I just sold my session clone on Ebay http://cgi.aol.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI...ndexURL=0&rd=1 I have bought a used TD-8 and am converting a Yamaha Stage custom over I have heard about the ADC heads and the Kontrol Screen not sure what way to go. If I get the Kontrol Screen I need ddrum triggers double ply heads for a cost of about $ 390 if I get the ADC cost is going to be about the same wondering what do you think guys. IM BACK


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                            I only converted toms, not the snare or the kick and it has worked flawlessly for me...

                            I'm not sure how compatible the ddrum triggers are with the td-8....with the Hart ADC's it works very well..

                            By the way, I'm selling the kit I've used with ADC's on eBay...there's a picture posted so you can get a good look..I'm not soliciting my auction, just offering a look at the kit cause the pix came out very clear.
                            item #868185254