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Power Supply for TD10

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  • Power Supply for TD10

    I am planning on purchasing the V-Sessions, I live in Malaysia where the V-Sessions cost USD 6500. I have thought of getting my frens in the states to purchase it for me for about 4K USD. My question is what is the power supply that enters the TD 10,

    Is it like a notebook, where the main power goes into a transformer and reduces it to about 12 volts before plugging into the module or

    Is it a direct 115V power from the wall plug to the module.

    The place I stay in has 230V as a standard - similar to the UK


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    The AC power lead goes straight into the TD10 (no external transformer) The internal transformer can handle 117v, 230v, 240v

    Hope this helps

    PS the power consuption is 18 watts

    [This message has been edited by Daveb (edited April 29, 2002).]


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      In conclusion, if I run the head on a 230v power supply I should have no problems ?

      Can some one with a US set confirm this please



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        yes, this is true what DaveB said about the power supply.


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          I have used my TD-10 with 100v, 110v and 220v, 50 and 60Hz, without a problem.


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            In Australia we run 240v and the TD-10 works just peachy.

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