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Handsonic as a Module ???

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  • Handsonic as a Module ???

    Can you use the handsonic as a module for VDrums or other triggers ? I also want to check that the midi output is two way. I mean if you record what you play to a sequencer on your computer will those sounds play back again - (like a sound module)?

    Thanks Guys

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    I know this is a bit late but yes you can use the handsonic as a sound module. It actually has three percussion parts so you can use three seperate pad set sounds vias midi as well as two instruments. Yes it will play back what you record. You can not change the note numbers it recieves on so if you trigger from say a vdrum then you would need to change the send note numbers from there.

    You can change the notes it sends on so you can trigger external modules and set up how you want them on the pads.

    The pad has a very good midi spec so I can't see there being much you won't be able to do.


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      Great sounding module.
      MIDI Note map isn't General MIDI but it just means changing the MIDI Notes on your trigger/Octapad/drumkat etc.

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