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real isolation headphones not hype!

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  • real isolation headphones not hype!

    I agree with Maverick. I bought Extreme Isolation Headphones at Drum Headquarters for $120.00 over the counter. My bucks stop here. No more searching. These headphones are superb and comfortable to wear for hours. You don't always get what you pay for.
    I waisted $ on Sony isolation Hype and others.. I also use them on my accoustic set. Just as the website said...I am recording my accoustic set next to my multi-track in my livingroom. My ears don't ring after playing in between my guitarists. I hear what I want to hear in our mix. Isolation is here to stay with these headphones.
    Hearing IS Believing check 'em out! I found them at www.extremeheadphones.com

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