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V-SESSION drum and rack case

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  • V-SESSION drum and rack case

    Hey all

    Does anyone know the answers to the following questions?

    a) Is the Roland V-Drum case available in the UK and if so where and how much? (It's NOT listed on the Roland UK website and it's hard enough to find on the Roland US one!)

    b) If not, can anyone recommend a similar equivalent that will also hold the V-Cymbals, Rack, Cymbal arms and KD-120 and FD-7?

    c) What about those aluminium 'travel' (Solid Camera cases) can those work and if so how much for the right size etc...

    d) What about something for my PM-3? Has anyone even tackled that one yet!!!???


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    B & Q do a Zag tool box, I have the 50 gal which means I can get everything in it.

    previous discussion

    Have not seen the roland v-drum case in the UK but you could try some of the German music websites


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      I recently purchased a 3 bag set (soft nylon) from musiciansfriend.com. They are made very Beato and very reasonable priced at about $200. They look and work great. Seems to provide good protection. If your interested, call the 800 number cause there website doesn't show them.