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Which is better rack roland mds-6 or yamaha rs-60?

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  • Which is better rack roland mds-6 or yamaha rs-60?


    I have got td-6 kit but no rack for it at the moment. I am going to buy either roland's mds-6 or yamaha's rs-60. How do you like your racks guys (and girls maybe)? I could get yamaha's rack much quicker than roland's but I'm not sure if it is good. It is more expensive also. Anyone here using rs-60 with td-6k?

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    The Yamaha rack doesnt have Roland compatible pad mounts, so you'd have to invest in those too.

    If you can afford it, better take a Gibraltar rack or something.

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      Is it really so that yamaha's rs-60 rack isn't compatible with roland's pads out of the package? When I look at pictures of rs-60, it looks like I could use roland's pad with a little bit of tweaking. If I mount those rack arms rotated 90 degrees, can't I use roland's pads with the rack?