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Pintech Tour Elite kit opinions?

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  • Pintech Tour Elite kit opinions?

    Hi all. I just discovered this site a few days ago, and I've already found a lot of useful information.

    I'm hoping I can find some drummers out there who have some experience with Pintech's Tour Elite kit. I'm considering buying one, which I'll be using with my new TD-8 which should be arriving in a few days. (I'm also going to use the TD-8 with my Zendrum as an upgrade from an Alesis DM-5. I *love* the Zen, BTW.) The Roland kits (apart from the V-Club) are way out of my price range, which is part of why I'm leaning towards Pintech. There are no Pintech dealers near me (northern Vermont), so I haven't had a chance to demo the set, and would be buying it sight unseen direct from Pintech, with the option of returning it within 30 days if I don't like it. I've played the Roland kits in my local music store, and I'm impressed. Do those of you in the know think the Tour Elite kit measures up?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    I have no experiense with the Pintech kit, sorry, but before you go with Pintech, have you considered Hart Dynamics?


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      I would give Pintech a try and take advantage of the 30 day trial offer.