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Drum rugs???

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  • Drum rugs???

    I'll be moving soon (new pad in NYC!) and would like suggestions on pads/rugs to put under my kit. Actually, I'll need 2: one for my V-Customs and one for my Pearl 5-piece. I'd prefer a carpet/rug/pad that looks decent, provides some quieting, and protects the floor below. Also, what size rug would I need? My V's are on a Gibraltar 350 rack (2 uprights) and my Pearls are standard with a few extra cymbals. (I'm not sure how much room to allow for a throne, etc., and the acoustics are in storage so I can't measure the dimensions!)



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    musicians friend sells drum rugs, i think in 4x6 and 4x8 sizes. That would give you the visual look. Try a search on the kd-7 kick trigger on this board. I remeber posts about how neighbors complained of the tapping and what people did to resolve the situation.
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      go to any carpet store ask for remnants.....they will hemn the sides if you like or make a throw rug out of it...cheap and easy.........good luck
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        Walmart 6x8 orenital rugs for $38.00

        Here is a picture if the link works, I have a green and a blue. My acoustic kit is blue it stays in the studio mostly. the rugs are pretty road worthy so far but for $38 if you get a year it is worth it.

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          I tried the full length rug route to place under my Gibraltar rack for my ekit and it was a pain in the ass....It seemed like it was always bunching up and buckling and was hard to keep flat....

          What I did was maybe not what you are looking for, but it works great for me, in all types of situations..

          I found the only things that moved were the fd-7 hat controller and the kick trigger....so I simply cut out two pieces about 7" x 16", just enough to place the kick trigger and hat trigger over..

          Then I got this spray that rubberizes the bottom of rugs for home use so they don't slip...you can get it at any home improvement store...I sprayed the bottom of my two pieces, let it sit overnight, and its been working great for me for over a year now...


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            I went to Lowes, like Home Depot, and bought some indoor-outdoor carpet that comes on the big rolls, I had them cut it to 4X6. Works great, easily folds up and I even marked where all the stuff goes so the other members can set up my kit and I always have it the exact same way everytime. Paid $12 a year ago and it still looks brand new.


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              Not sure about the US, but i have 'Alien Protection Racket' drum mats. They are great... kick doesnt budge an inch. Not sure if they are over in the US though.