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TD8KV Cymbals?

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  • TD8KV Cymbals?

    What are the 2 v-cymbals models that comes with the new TD8KV V-Custom set? I am about to by it and would like to know if they are 3-zones triggerring cymbals or not? I don't want to have to buy an extra v-cymbals to get a ride!

    Thank you very much,

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    i believe the only 3-zone cymbal is the cy-15r ride cymbal, which does not come with this kit. sorry.


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      How will I get a ride then on this kit without buying another v-cymbals.


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        I believe the updated v-custom kit comes with two CY-12 cymabal pads and a PD-7 for the hi-hat.
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          Originally posted by kornalius:
          How will I get a ride then on this kit without buying another v-cymbals.
          You use one of the supplied cymbal pads for crash use and the other one as ride.

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            To the best of my knowledge, the TD8 doesn't support triple-zone pads, which is probably why one is not included


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              Thanks for the info Harlock!!!


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                Originally posted by Harlock:
                Yeah, I know this, but it doesn't officially support it. When you plug like this, you will have to manually set up what sound you want on the third zone of the ride. I suspect that is why the unit is shipped with all dual-zones. Well, and perhaps to keep prices down, I don't know.

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