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How Do I Connect My TD8 To A KC500 & Mackie Mixer?

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  • How Do I Connect My TD8 To A KC500 & Mackie Mixer?

    Hey Gang,

    I've been playin' too much and haven't posted in a while. I'm having a technical problem and thought you gurus could enlighten me.

    My bros. and I are trying to run my TD8 Directly into our new Mackie mixer, using the 2 Individual Outputs. No sound is heard through the mixer tho'. All the levels are correct. Am I using the right outs here? Any ideers? Thx peeps.

    Thank Ye,
    Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr

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    Are you using the 1202/1402/1602vlz series??

    If you are, then make sure the "mute alt3/4" button is not depressed on the channel your td-8 is plugged into...

    Under "source" the only button that is pressed is "main mix"..

    What outputs are you using on the Mackie??
    I'm using the control room outs to my studio monitors...