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What to choose?????

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  • What to choose?????

    I am about to buy me my first e-drum kit.
    I want it for practice and on tour, it doesnt need to be "ultra silent" but Id prefer the mesh head solution for play feel.

    My problem is that I donīt really know what to choose.
    I like the Roland mesh head pads better than the ddrumsand Yamahas but I simply dislike the "plastic" sounds in the Roland modules.
    The Yamaha sounds are much better but I hate the Yamaha DTXTREME pads. The ddrum module sounds really good but itīs expensive for what you get , Iīd like to have access to all the bells and whistles that comes with the DTX or TD-8 so ddrum will be a poor option there.
    So here īs what I heve been thinking about:
    My ideal setup looks something like this:
    Hart pro pads with DTX2.0 module also using my Roland 3080 with the Dynamic Drums expansion.
    (Itīs a pity that the Hart products seems impossible to buy within Europe though.)
    As an alternative to the Hart pro pads are to trigger my acuostic kit with ddrum red shot triggers using mesh heads. (Do the Roland pads work with theYamaha DTX 2.0 module).

    Comments and/or suggestions?


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    what about getting something like a few roland pads, a tmc-6 or two and just using that xv-3080? would be alot cheaper then investing in a module with sounds you don't like. there are several people here who primarily use the module as a trigger-to-midi interface ....

    it's hard to get a sense of how much you're willing to spend since your hypotheticals are all over the pricing map.


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      Hi Thanks for your posting!

      As far as price I am willing to spend as much as I require to get a system I am happy with. I am not a millionare but I feel that a budget alternative (DTXPRESS, TD-6K) isnīt got the quality I am after.

      Best buy , thatīs what I need!


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        It seems you prefer the yamaha sounds to roland sounds, which is fine. You're the one who has to play it, so get what YOU want. Pintech makes some kits with mesh heads, and I think they're a little cheaper. I do like Harts cymbal triggers, based solely on looks, since I haven't tried them. Something about having real looking cymbals on an electronic kit.
        td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.


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          Yes I do like the Yamaha sounds better, they just seems to be smoother samples and not so "plastic" as the V-drum samples, this is somewhat strange though since the Roland Dynamic Drums Exp board for the XV series are sounding really, really good. Roland have good samples in-house but are not using the for the V-drums.....wierd :/
          On the other hand as I said I really like the feel of the Roland pads.....tricky stuff...



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            i guess the question for me is: do you really need a module or would you be happy with the roland pads, a triggering interface and your xv synth?


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              Yeah, Itīs a good point but I want the metronome and play-by-sequece (I donīt know the technichal word for it, I am from Sweden see) when you kan assign diffrent notes in a pre-defined chain and play it. Mabey the Roland trigger interface can do that?
              An alternative would be to get me a Roland trigger and pads plus a cheap DTXPRESS for all the extra stuff.
              Wa da ya say?

              (Roland pads and Yamaha interface? Does it work at all?)



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                You dislike plastic sounds (you say) and you prefer mesh headed pads. On the other hand you think the ddrum4 is expensive for what you get.

                Ever thought of getting a used ddrum4 with some pintech mesh headed pads?


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                  Yeah it might be a good idea actually! Are the Pintech pads good? Better than Hart?
                  I was thinking of getting myself a used DTXPRESS brain aswell in order to get all those extra gizmo features.
                  Have anyone tried to use Halion or Giga sampler togehter with your e-drums?