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My future Setup: Any Comments?

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  • My future Setup: Any Comments?


    First of all, I'm new to this forum. I have been playing (acoustic) drums for > 25 years and I have decided to add an e-drumset to my large Starclassic kit. I will use it mainly for practicing (because noisy a-drums are the main issue here) but I'm planning also to add up a few triggers (like the Hart Hammer) on the acoustic set to trigger special sounds.

    I have recently read extensively posts mailes to this forum, descriptions of diverse products, etc. and I think I basically know what I'd like to get. The problem is that I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and there is no way I can check this stuff for myself (nothing is perfect in paradise ). So, your opinions would be very helpful to me.

    Here we go:

    - Hart Dynamics Custom B TE3 set. From what I read, Hart is making great products for a good price. I hesitated between the Custom B and the Giga-Pro but moise is an issue and I'm afraid that the E-cymbal II would be too noisy. The Series X seem fine on that side. Good choice?

    - The choice for the module was much more difficult. I need good sounds, of course, but also a good number of inputs because, as I said, I'll combine both e- and a-drums. I first thought I was going to get the Alesis DMPro but after all of the negative reviews I've read about reliability (here and at other places), I've changed my mind. The TD modules are certainly attractive but again, the TD10 has "only" 12 inputs. I had a closer look at the DTXtreme module and it seems to provide everything I would need. I've read all the discussions about the DTXtreme set (including the recent MD review) but I could not find that much info on the sounds themselves. According to Hart's web site, it's a great module but they do not particularly recommend it for their sets. I could of course buy two "smaller" TD modules and live with that. Money is not infinite though...

    Anyway, comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!



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    you may want to search past threads but i heard(if im not mistaken)that the older style x series hart cymbals were very loud.........
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      What about a TD series module and the TMC-6? That should give you enough inputs??

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          As Steveo already mentioned, you could use the TMC-6 to expand the number of inputs on ANY module.
          With a ddrum4 it wouldn't make sense though, because you can not trigger more sounds via midi than you could do with pads connected to the ddrum4 alone.

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            I was told by Hart support that the their HH pedal was not compatible with the DTXTREME module. This "could" be the reason that they gave the module good ratings, but did not put it in the top recommendations for their kits.
            I have a DTXTREME module and am considering the Hart Pro kit...but I will have to use my Yamaha HH pedal.