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HPD-15 Handsonic anyone?

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  • HPD-15 Handsonic anyone?

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    Though I don't own one, I know some have complained that if they have larger hands it's hard to play.
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        i've only played around with one at a store and, although i liked it, i agreed with those who consider it to be more a "toy" then an instrument.

        the pads are pretty small, increasingly small towards the back. i found that to be a pretty horrible interface decision - the further away from you the pads are located, the small they get?

        there are some cool sounds in it but it is pretty much wholly unlike playing an actual hand percussion instrument and does not even have patches for many standard conga strokes.

        there is also a group of several hundred handsonic users over at yahoo groups.


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            I actually own one. I haven't spent a ton of time on it yet but I really like it myself. Like anything "one mans meat is another mans poison". Yes the pads are somewhat small and some people just can't get used to using them. I've also heard of hand percussionists who have a whole array of real hand drums and instruments end up buying a Handsonic and end up just using that (at least for the most part). I've also just recently saw a message about one person who bought it one day, played around with it most the night and returned it the next day because he just wasn't satisfied with it. But I've also seen that happen with V-Drums too . Anyway, I guess like anything you should go out and try one for awhile to see if it is something that will work for you. Good luck.



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              Handsonic is all over CNN ID Music.
              Main pads probably played more with heel of hand and thumbs. Small pads would be fingers.

              Great for Timbale/Cymbal fills with the Roll function switched on.

              Handsonic isn't General MIDI which is a pain as this and a Zendrum hooked in would be great.
              www.royfulton.co.uk, www.zendrum.com ,Tempus Drums, Istanbul Agop, Regal Tip, Alesis DMPro, D4,Garageband, HK Powerworks PA


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                I have a Handsonic which I use in the studio together with my V-drums and acoustic kit/hand drums..

                I think the sounds are great..it takes time to get used to the feel of the pads but it is worth perservering..Roland have built a lot of expression into them...

                Jay Lewington, drum store manager at professional music technology, Southend, is a hand drum player/percussionist and he rates them highly as a very versatile one-stop portable percussion kit for live work..in my studio they are great..




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                  I have a ddrum4 but am also thinking of getting the handsonic. A couple of questions.
                  If played by a keyboard or any external controller how many sounds can be played. eg only the amount there is of pads and trigger ins. Can it be played with its own pads and external? For the guy in Leeds, have you tried sound control near the yorkshire post. They will do a good price and have one on demo. When I get a chance I am going to see if I can hook it up to a keyboard and then a vdrum kit, also try a trigger in its inputs and a hi-hat controller. I like to use my feet as well.

                  One more thing. How do the sounds compare to vdrum sounds? Are they similar since they use the same technology. Are the drum sounds on board vdrum sounds?

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                    If I had the $ I would get one. Then I could leave my A tablas at home. The main thing I want it for is the gamelan sounds.


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                      Had one. Sent it back. Didn't like the size of the pads, thought they were to small.
                      For the money, I wanted something that I was completly happy with. Two months later I needed tabla for a song, the next week I needed a talking drum. Then the band decided it would be nice to work with some percussion loops. So I bought a second handsonic. I've been giging with it for about 3 months now and I really like it. I still use my real congas, bongos, and shakers. My hands are to big to play the conga parts on the pads. But damned if it ain't cool to whip out a tabla part, talking drum, or sequencer loop all from one small device. It sounds great live, people always come up and eyeball it. NO worry about mics, I don't have to carry another 80 pounds of equipment or have the hassle of setting it all up/down. I now have to give the handsonic a big Thumbs Up!