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Wrap for V-drums, help !!!

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  • Wrap for V-drums, help !!!

    I have a V-concert kit, I'm looking into rewrapping an old 16" or 18" bass and triggering it off for a kick. I'm interested in finding some of the same wrap that's on the V-concerts. I don't know any drum manufacturer that makes anything near that, although I remember Remo making some finished like that a few years back. They digitally printed different shades/designs on chrome wrap, I believe they may make the V-concert wrap for roland....any info on if this is true or if any of you have seen a such wrap for sale it would be greatly appreciated !! thanks

    Roland V-concert, Hart e-cymbals, drumKAT, midikiti, emu 5000 ultra
    Roland V-concert, Hart e-cymbal II's, drumKAT, trapKAT, midiKITI, emu 5000 ultra, ddrum4, Gibralter rack

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    maybe try sambarnard.net.
    td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.