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Just bought the V-club!

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  • Just bought the V-club!

    Er ... this post will be short ... because every moment spent typing this is time I'm not playing with my new toy

    Thanks everyone for your advice as I researched this purchase!
    Looking to buy a used VDrum session kit. Email me!

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    A new V-Club owner and a MR Bungle fan..Are you my long lost brother(Or sister)? I've had my V-club for about three weeks now and I can't stop playing with them either...Now for the upgrade madness to begin!


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      I've owned the V-club since December 2001. I bought an additional CY-6 cymbal. The only quirk I have so far is that the CY-6 dual triggering becomes unreliable very quickly. Out of the 3 CY-6s I have, all three have gone bad withing two months. I had to disable the dual triggering and use them as single trigger cymbals. I'm kind of reluctant to upgrade to the expensive V-cymbals because of triggering reliability.


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        I've joined the V-Club-Club in January and still am totally satisfied with it! No problems with my CY6's......yet.....if I read some post on this forum......
        Anyway....welcome to the club!
        DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas