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hi hat satisfaction Roland vs Hart

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  • hi hat satisfaction Roland vs Hart

    YO, e-drum-heads:

    recently been tuning up my new hart Studio BX/td-8,(congradgulate me) and despite being gacked about the kit in general, am a bit disappointed w/the HH function. Some of this has to do with the td-8 - low volume levels for the foot trigger HH. Okay. but i also find this piece of hart ware a drag, and I wonder if anyone else cares to weigh in here.

    The rub: and parenthetically, I've been playing/studying drums for thirty years - jazz and rock,etc. I think I've got technique to spare in this dept: i find playing a consistent moderate tempo pulse on the pedal almost impossible. The triggering is mostly quiet with periodic spikey, louder response.

    Likewise to play an open hi-hat fig with the foot (striking the pedal and leaving it loose and open ("psss- psss-pssshhk" rather than simple "chick")consistently is next to impossible.

    Finally, striking the HH pad w stick while pedal is on the up swing frequently results in a signal cut-out.

    This all makes for at best,unnatural performance, at worst, a really sub par instrument.

    I recall that the roland HH pedal was quiet, but i do not remember experiencing the above deficiencies. Additionally, I think the Roland pedal was actually more comfortable, and natural feeling. Truth is its been months...

    I agree with Harts claim to a superior product in general, but this one has me... So what-say? i really want to support the Hart people - there're all kind of reasons for an American drum consumer to do so, but not if the hardware is a compromise.

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    Dude. I had the same concern & was enlightened a few months ago. I use the Roland TD8 & FD7 Hh. There is a setting on the TD8 to increase foot chick volume.

    From the Kit Area: Go > Menu (F3), Function (F3), Pedal (F2), & jack the volume up to where you want it. Lemme know what you've settled on too, please. I have mine @ 12, a tad above default.
    Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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      Yeah, page 81. 0-15 volume scale.

      Funny though, other standard kit instruments volumes are increasable to 120 or so (if i'm not mistaken on the height of the scale), for the TD 8.

      Yesterday I discovered that the td 10 "foot-chic" volume is also increasable on this higher scale.

      So, for anyone compiling a top 50 most important differences between the 8 and 10 ....

      Otherwise, no more comments out there on actual pedal performance?

      Really amazing.