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cy-6 pads keep choking

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  • cy-6 pads keep choking

    i have had three out of four cy-6 pads break in the last month. they work well for several weeks, then they start choking randomly. has anyoue else had this problem, or is roland sending me all their defects. also, does anyone know if roland can exchange these pads for regular pads, and who should i contact about this problem, i am in the studio recording at the moment, and this has been a major setback.

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    I had this problem for a short time, but fixed it. First, I did not have the cymbal angled enough, and I was striking the edge enough to trigger theh cymbal AND the choke. Also, loosen up the wing nut and let the cymbal swing a little bit, this seemed to REALLY help.


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      Same problem.

      Own 3 CY-6s, all three have gone bad within two months! I used one for hihat, one for ride and one for crash.

      They worked great at first, and I thought I got a bargain. But the dual trigger becomes unreliable and begins choking inadvertently ALL THE TIME. I ended up converting ALL of them into single trigger pads, trading off dual zone/chokeability for reliability.