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TD6 and Koby Pads?

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  • TD6 and Koby Pads?

    Hi Guys - new member here from UK - recently got a TD6 and its awesome!

    Quick question - anyone used the TD6 module with Koby drum pads? Made by a guy in Liverpool, UK - they look the business and are reasonably priced: am tempted to add to my existing set-up but would like to have some feedback....they use Pearl-type mounts.

    Incidently, at the moment I have my pads set-up on teo Pearl 800W cymbal stands with various Pearl clamps - very compact, no cross-talk so far and very stable: anyone else tried this?


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    Thanks for info on the site & review....but I was really wondering whether anyone had actually used the Koby pads with a TD6 module? Success? Any problems?


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      8 and 10 inch Koby pads - anyone tried them?

      Came across this old thread while using the %!&"!ing search engine and wondered if anyone had tried the Koby pads (8 and 10 inch, rather than nanopads) and could give us an update on what they thought of them.