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just ordered my TD10K - which kick pedal?

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  • just ordered my TD10K - which kick pedal?

    Well, what a response... thanks very much. The kit is coming mail order next week so tomorrow I'm shopping for a new kick pedal. Question is, can anyone recommend a make/model & what type of beater should I use with the KD120. Cheers, Stuart.

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    highly subjective question that will be answered more by your personal needs then anything else. there is, however, a consensus that the mesh kick head is pretty bouncy and that a super-fast pedal can exacerbate the problem. i personally used a dw5000 delta pedal and had to loosen the spring considerably to get a remotely decent feel. if you can get to a music store that retails v's and try a few out, that would obviously be best.


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      depends on your style.the iron cobra(tama),for the money and precision,is by far the best single pedal out there.it comes in a double version too but i have'nt tried it.there are two more worth considering if money is no object......dw5002(ad or ah)and the axis(by axis)very expensive.but keep in mind,buddy rich,bohnam,moon,baker..etc.played on pedals we would considered to be crap by todays standards.it's easy to get caught up in hype..but if you can play worth a poop a 70.00 tama will do just fine.....have fun.
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        I use the Pearl Eliminator on my acoustic kit when I do live stuff. It works great on my V's when doing the home thing. I have used the DW products and I think the worksmanship has slipped some. I have also used the Tama iron Cobra and do not care for it.....
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