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just ordered my TD10K

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  • just ordered my TD10K

    Hi, I'm from Worcestershire, UK. I've been playing air drums for about 30 years & I thought it was time I started hitting the real thing. Trouble is the real thing is a bit loud for a suburban house & so today I ordered a Roland TD10 kit (incl. V Cymbals) having considered both TD6 & TD8 beforehand. Then I came across vdrums.com & after reading some messages am now wondering if I've done the right thing. So, I'd be well pleased if some of you would assure me that I have, Cheers, Stuart.

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    Hi Stu. If I were you, I would stop worrying. While there are always those who will say the TD-8 or TD-10 or even, ugh, Ddrums rule, from the opinions I have read, it would appear the general consensus is that if you compare the TD-10 w/exp card and TD-8, the 8 is generally favored because of the huge price difference between the two. The 10 just doesn't offer enough features to justify the difference. I think they would run neck and neck if there was only a $150 difference between the two.

    This isn't to say the TD-6 isn't in the running. If has a few less features and is meant for a different budget. But, it appears to be an outstanding value as well.

    Assuming you didn't take food out of your kids mouths to buy the 10, you should be very happy.

    I got the 10 before the 8 existed. I could afford it at the time and have upgraded to the exp card and some extra pads. I have no regrets whatsoever.
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      I love electronic drums, we have our little disagreements here from time to time, but we all have one thing that binds us, we all recognize how inportant these instruments are to creativity and peace of mind. You buy an acoustic kit and you get one particular sound, you can change heads and cymbals but they sound pretty much like before. Electronics, like Bill Bruford said gives you alot more under your sticks than you've ever had before. Roland has a helluva product in Vdrums, no doubt. If you've got the cash, you can have the flash. Buying "top of the line" is always a good choice, it looks like Roland is in it for the long haul, the next six months are critical. They will either come out with a new expansion board or new module. For this type of product, my guess is expansion board.
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        I am with you on that point. When drawing up comparisons between the 8 and the 10 module, the biggest positive for me is the upgradability of the 10. The td10 can keep growing, whereas the td8 has to stay where it is....huge difference.
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          well,you have this fantasy that you're gonna go up to your new kit at 300am andput on some zepplin or steely dan and just rock out using headphones and not bother anyone right?well bingo........you're correct sir!welcome and have fun,,,you just wont believe what these kits can do now days....roland,hart,ddrum.....doesnt matter....everything you've imagined doing with these things doesnt come close to what you can do.......flat out spastic fun in my humble opinion.........YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW
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