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Kosmos ?

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  • Kosmos ?

    has anyone tried the Peavey "'KOSMOS" with the v-drums? WOW!

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    Has anyone ever listened to the sun ra album Cosmos (1977 inner city)


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      What is the KOSMOS? I haven't seen/heard of it.
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        here is a link, check it out http://namm.harmony-central.com/SNAM...PR/Kosmos.html


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          Originally posted by IndustrialDrummer:
          What is the KOSMOS? I haven't seen/heard of it.
          I thought it had something to do with Carl Sagan but found the following:

          The new kosmos™ is a low-frequency energy and stereo image enhancement system by Peavey Electronics. What does that mean to you? With kosmos, you can have your planet rattled with bass while simultaneously causing the vocals to stand out in a mix. Experience enhanced separation and wider stereo images. Enjoy enormous, three-dimensional sound from both live and recorded sources, through any system—full-scale professional P.A.s, small mono systems and home stereos. And hear it all without distortion. What does this mean in tech-speak? kosmos’ sub-harmonic (QUAKE) processor watches the source material, analyzes the bass, and then generates additional low frequencies an octave below the source material. kosmos tracks the original bass without the mud of other bass processors and is tuned to your speaker size for best performance.

          In addition to the QUAKE process, there is an additional bass boost circuit (THUD) tuned an octave above the sub-harmonic range, which can be used to fill in and fatten out the low end. The left-right stereo image can also be intensified with the XPANSE control, which gives improved separation and clarity.

          All inputs and outputs are balanced. To guarantee proper levels, an input gain control is provided. A 0dBu green signal LED and a +10dBu red signal LED make input level-setting easy. The subwoofer output has its own crossover and level control, which supplies an equalized bass signal for systems with subs. The effects (including the added QUAKE and THUD signals sent to the sub woofer) can be bypassed for the occasional reality check.
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