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DrumKat DK10

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  • DrumKat DK10

    Hey all,

    First post here. I know that some of you guys on here use the drumkat, so I have a few questions.

    I just scored a drumkat on ebay yesterday. I'll be using it to trigger a DR770 drum machine.

    The auction I won doesn't include the foot pedal for editing the drumkat, so my question is - Is the footswitch really necessary to edit, or is there a workaround to this?

    If I do need a pedal, what kind do I need? In looking at the DK10 user manual online, it seems to be just like a keyboard sustain pedal...so if anyone can provide some info or can confirm what type of pedal, I would appreciate it.



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    I have a DK-10 and I have both the KF1 and the VFP shown on the website. I believe you can buy that VFP from several retailers. I got mine from Pintech. I have not used them other than to trigger the hi-hat.
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      I believe you have to have at least 1 pedal to edit anything. Another pedal to switch through the kits. It takes up to 4 pedals. The other two are sustain and an assignable function. I just use two. There are two types of pedals - the drumkat can accept either. The pedals are around 15 bucks.

      Good luck with the kat! There's a yahoo support list and a forum on alternatemode.com. Neither are great but it's all we have.


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        Yes, pedal input 1 is for the edit pedal, without it you can not enter edit mode, 2 is kit advance, 3 is assignable, motif start/stop, motif home base, reslt alt, sustain on assignable channels, etc.....pedal 4 can do a myriad things,like program changes while playing, volume changes, calling up a specific kit or PC#, ready record mode, etc........There's just too much stuff to go into here. Don't know abot the DK-10, my advice is to save your pennies and get at least a 3.8, you can upgrade the Dk-10 to a pro Drumkat. If you can imagine it, you can do it on a Kat.

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          Thanks for the info, guys.