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DTXtreme... fire sale.

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  • DTXtreme... fire sale.

    I was in Guitar Center in here in Seattle yesterday picking up a snare I had on layaway, and got to talking with the drum manager for awhile. I was discussing recording with the V-Drums, and he told me "Yeah, the DDrum systems are great for straight sample-based triggering for stock sounds, but there still isn't anything out yet that can touch the V-Drums TD-10 for sound, flexibility, and overall performance." His words, not mine.

    I told him that I was a little disappointed with the DTXtreme, as I'd been hoping that Yamaha might raise the bar a bit, and cause Roland to put in some more work on the top-of-the-line system. He said "Yeah, those things are junk. The pads, although they look good, are no better than the old Remo practice pads for feel - just like a drum head stretched over foam rubber. They are so bad, that we originally got 6 of them here in the store. Since they've been out, we've returned 5 of them for credit. We even tried lowering the demo to about $1200, but we can't even GIVE that thing away. It's trash."

    Once again, his words, not mine. Just thought it interesting that Yamaha's big E-kit seems to have been a true dog. No offense to any DTXtreme owners, but that's the straight scoop. Thought you guys might be interested...


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    Hmmm...seems hard to state that ddrum can't touch TD's... even TD owners will contest to that. Sure, TD modules are engineering marvels...but they do have some stiff competition. Someone is biased - and they are biased so that they can sell their quotas.


    Also - on the DTXtremes - Since they had to basically purchase rights from someone eleses full utility patent - I am disappointed in them in the fact that their pads feel nothing like what I expected... I'll stop there.



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      The DTXtreme's were very disappointing to me. I went to a local Mars music and was set to buy the awesome looking Yamaha kit. On paper it looked great! The V-drum (price-wise) equivalent was the V-Customs, which I thought looked like little toy drums ... no way!

      Anyway.. the Xtremes played like crap. The pads just didn't feel right. Rubber pads would be much better. And the hi-hat didn't perform like I thought it should. I thought the module sounded good though.

      Disappointed, I decided to try the "little" v-custom toys. I was blown away! They were much better (and the demo was trashed from in-store abuse). I now own a set of V-Customs an love them! I can't believe that some drummers can't find a sound they like on the TD-8.


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        I was going to buy one, but I got a Kurzweil K2000VPR and I'm really happy with the sound quality. It's the best sounding box I've ever owned, and I've owned a few. I want to update a couple other things though. I like having a few modules, I guess I'm just used to working that way. I am still thinking about the Xtreme module and a few others, I heard Roland TD boxes suck through midi, does anyone know about this?
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          I don't know what you are talking about...
          I use my td-8 with midi (i work thru my computer all the time, even live)
          And it works great!
          Roy A.


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            I don't know, that's why I was asking.
            Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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              So i have no problem with it
              Works just like it should.....
              Roy A.


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                I tried a DTXtreme pad with a Pearl mesh head: it felt as good as the a Vdrums pad.

                The V-Session is clearly the best set available, but the current fire sale price of DTXtremes makes them a good option (with the necessary upgrades).
                The DTXtreme compares more to the V-Concert, but since the V-Session exists....

                So, I'm trying to decide between getting a DTXtreme with replacement mesh heads:$2500
                or getting a V-Session twice the price:$5000.
                Great price vs. Great Design?

                Any comments on the modules: TD10 vs DTXTU?

                Here's what I see:
                VSession_______________ DTXtreme
                --------_______________ --------
                Grooved rack(no slip)____ Basic rack (4th tom slips)
                Better Clamps__________ Old style clamps
                Realistic cymbals_______ Compares to v-concert
                Single piezo toms_______ Dual piezo toms
                Sticks & Brushes_______ Sticks only
                Positional sensing_______ Positional sensing(worse)
                512K card($100)________ 64MB Smartmedia($100)
                Upgrade slot(TDW1)_____ Load .WAV samples
                Expensive______________ Cheap
                Perfect as it is!__________ Must replace stuff...

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                [This message has been edited by BB (edited September 30, 2001).]


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                  Originally posted by BB:
                  ...I'm trying to decide between getting a DTXtreme (with replacement mesh heads:$2500)
                  or getting a V-Session (perfect but twice the price: $5000)...
                  I rarely if ever like to weigh in on better/best. Suffice it to say, I don't entirely disagree with what you are saying. Have you considered a Concert set or even a used one, and then upgrade a few components over time? Just a thought. You could get a good used Concert and a new V-Cymbal pack and after selling your excess pads on e-bay, you could almost buy the remaining components or close to it, and be no where near $5K.


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                    I tell you what. I played the DTXtreme and was real impressed with the sounds. I thought they were much more life like than the Roland RDW1 that I had owned. It was NOT as user friendly in terms of navigation. In terms of a rehaearsal tool, groove check and the sequencer smoke Roland. In terms of looks, they smoke Roland.....But those pads are a bummer and that module is hard to read and navigate around in...For the price though, thats a great deal....
                    Roland TD50x
                    Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.


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                      Hi all! Have had the pleasure of both the DTXtreme & the TD8 modules in my possession for the last week . The hardest decision is which one to purchase. Both units are excellent. I'm almost 50 so am a bit intimidated with technical musical gear. I found both modules fairly easy to use for basic set up. I am using S&S pads and kick pad and acoustic cymbals. I intend to replace a DM5 I am using at the moment (You can stop laughing now!) Played a private party last nite with our small four piece, guitars and drums - used both modules. Just need a module for live work. Plugged straight into both units and started playing and was surprised that the non original pads worked pretty well. Some drum strokes on both modules snare outputs missed, and some minor crosstalk on tom pads were experienced. These problems would require some minor tweaking. We use a small PA system, 15" subs, 15"& horns top boxes 15"& horn wedges. Both the modules sounded very good even through this basic system. I personally found the Yami easier to navigate because I have owned a TMX module (I hear you laughing again), but I had very few problems doing basic editing with the Roland. I must stress that I am using the module for strictly live playing no recording, midi work, or sequencing. You must realise I'm not that knowledgable about the techinical side of things. Both the modules have a load of sounds, with the Yami ethnic and percussion a large and excellent group. The S&S pads I use are similar to the Ddrum pads 10" cast frame, real drum head, and foam under head, they are American made and are about 6 years old. The kick pad is similar to the KD7 it works very well with both the modules it tracks and no missed hits were noticed. I must admit the kick channel is the one that usually gives the least problems on any module. The other members of the band were undecided about which one sounded the best so it will have to be my decision. If these DTXtreme modules are so cheap over your way at the moment I would advise that you seriously check them out ,they sound and work extremely well. Don't you have a 30 day return if not satisfied slogan with some of your major musical retailers? You will need to try the unit so you can study and do the serious tweaking. NOW MY MAIN PROBLEM IS WHICH MODULE WILL I RETURN AND HOW DO I EXPLAIN THE TEAR STAINS ON THE BOX .


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                        I can never tell if salesmen don't like the DTXtreme because it's bad or because they don't sell alot of them, I think to them, it's the same thing. Maybe it's because the commission is smaller. I've notice Roland is offering huge incentives to buy the Vconcert, maybe the market is just saturated.
                        Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                          So, I'm trying to decide between getting a DTXtreme with replacement mesh heads:$2500
                          or getting a V-Session twice the price:$5000.
                          Great price vs. Great Design?

                          Hi BB !

                          Well, I know I compared the two about a year ago and perfered the V-sessions, but the money factore is important too. I do like the look of the DTXreme's more, but that's not what matters the most.

                          Anyway, my main reason for me posting is to let you know you can buy a new V-Session for $4,000, not $5,000. Check out wholesalemusic.com

                          Good luck !!

                          I think they both well do you well



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                            DTXtreme is to be "tweaked". Have spoken to about 30 dealers in the UK in the last week or so, they're very tight lipped but dropping hints that pads are being improved.

                            Mine's still the dog's swingers with rubber pads. I'll try the new versions when they arrive, though.



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                              Originally posted by jrcel:
                              I can never tell if salesmen don't like the DTXtreme because it's bad or because they don't sell alot of them,
                              Fully agree to that. Apart from the discussion this one is better than that one most (not all) sales persons always come up with strange stories. Not so long ago I noticed this again when searching for a powered speaker. In one shop they tell you powered speaker 'A' is suitable for e-drums; in the other shop it's not. Appearently all their suggestions/advices are dependable of the stock they have and/or the profits they make.