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New Hart Pro 5.3 vs. Used V-Pro

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  • New Hart Pro 5.3 vs. Used V-Pro

    I'm getting close to purchasing my first set of e-drums. I've narrowed it down to a new set of Hart Pro 5.3's with a TD-8 vs. a used set of V-Pro's with a TD-10 from ebay. Going rate for both seems to be around $2600. I've played the V-Drums and love 'em. The Hart's look pretty solid and I've seen lots of good feedback on these forums, but unfortunetly there doesn't seem to be a dealer near Seattle where I can get my hands on them. Any words of advice would be appreciated!!

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    I tend to hang with the "camp" that believes that Roland pads work best with Roland modules. BUT Peter Hart has apparently improved his gear to the point where it should work great with the TD 8. I would probably go with the Hart/TD 8 combo as I prefer "new" over "used" when it comes to electronics (hey Peter, if your reading this, I'm acctually giving you a "plug"! ). Cliff


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      Thanks Cliff,

      After much debate, I decided to go with the Harts. Those hammered steel shells are really what pushed me over. With a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee from SEP drums, I guess I can't go wrong. The only unfortunate thing is that they're backlogged 6 weeks. After being without a drumkit for a few years, I'm itching to start playing again!


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        Seatown, let us know how you like the Pros. I am currently looking at a similar setup (Pro 6.4 with the TD-8). Must be hard to wait 6 weeks. Good drumming!