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The Porsche you've always longed for ........

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  • The Porsche you've always longed for ........

    You've been driving a Suburu.
    It's 15 years old with 30,000 miles on it.
    But it gets you where you want to go locally.
    You've been dreaming of purchasing a Porsche
    for the past, say, 5 years.
    You've had the money to get it but you've
    been stubborn, and for a good reason.
    The Porsche was a beauty and your Suburu
    couldn't compete but the Porshe had major
    functional flaws and so you figured you
    weren't going to give Mr. Porsche the
    50,000 he was asking for his product.
    Then, one day, Mr Porsche changes his sports
    car, upgrades it, improves it.
    It finally meets your standards.
    You say "ok, this is the car I want"
    Then you find out that Mr Porsche now wants
    $100,000 for his automobile !!!!!
    "$100,000 !!!!!"
    Now you have the money, but $100,000 !!!
    And here's the kicker ..............
    It now only comes in God awful ugly red and
    even uglier purple !!!!
    So tell me, do I get the Porsche, keep my
    Suburu, or get a BMW which, while it's
    still expensive, say 45,000, it's still
    " reasonable"
    Better tell me by tomorrow though because
    a post like this at a time like this is apt
    to get deleted by Big Brother ( eg. Mr
    Roland himself ) who has mysteriosly pulled
    the plug on some of my other blasphemous
    P.S. If you read this post tonight before it
    gets scrutinized and sent packing please check back tomorrow and if it's not here
    there should be no less then a mutiny on
    this site.
    P.S./P.S. Nobody on this site should buy this kit for the prices they're asking in my opinion. And believe me, I can go out tomorrow and buy this kit no sweat. I just hate being taken advantage of.

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    Who is taking advantage of?
    No one can MAKE u buy anything!
    I buy what I like, when and if i can.
    Its my decision.
    Its to bad you dont like the red, i love it!
    to expensive? i dont think so, whould i like to spend less, of COURSE, but thats not likely.
    Al things equal, you get what you pay for...
    trouble is, nothing is equal.
    Roland is a company, they have bills to pay, i choose to support them with my money because i love their product.
    Its simple.
    If you really wanted the Porshe, money would be nothing but a side note.
    The fact that your complaining shows that you dont REALLY want them that bad.
    I support your descision.
    gOOD LUCK TO You
    TD8, SPD-20, Handsonic
    Pintech Silentech pads x4
    Pintech Mesh kick
    Studio elite pads x3
    Roland CY-6 X2
    NI Battery, Behringer KX-1200


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      Hi Mr Roland.
      How are you?
      My post really got your blood boiling, huh!
      Only a Roland hack could have posted such
      a ridiculous reply defending Roland's
      right to rake us over the coals.
      Roland has bills to pay !!!
      What, I don't have bills to pay !!!
      Is anybody else following this or what ??
      Wake up and smell the coffee you guys.
      If you read my original post and then read
      the reply you should have no doubt left
      that this board is rigged, or at least
      it is frequented by Roland hacks whose job
      it is to mold our opinions, or at least
      those of us too weak to hold off on our
      impulses. Stalag 17 lives on. Remember
      the chess board and the lamp wire. This
      last guy should be thrown out in the
      compound at midnight with cans tied to his
      feet. Give me a break already !!! That's
      actually funny. Remember, anyone who reads
      this tonight, if these posts are gone
      tomorrow then the fix is in bigtime and
      that's means the entire V Drum site is a
      fraud, a fake, and a mere front for Roland
      ----which is my suspicion.


      • #4
        Butch - stop agonizing!! You like several others who frequent this site have become overwhelmed by the choices and decisions (I know - I've been there, done it, got the t-shirt). Believe me, if it's only the money that is holding you back, I can assure you that you will not be happy 6 months later with what ever you get. I hate to see so much energy being wasted and a fellow drummer in such pain and agony. 'Paralysis by analysis' will kill you everytime.

        If you really like the V's, but don't want to cut loose the $$$ for new, guess what - you can save hundreds on last years V-Pro right now. EBay is full of them.

        Ask yourself - is this a NEED or a WANT? If its a NEED, list the pros and cons, do your comparisions, make a decision - and buy it. If its only a WANT, then justify what ever you need to do, buy what you what, and be prepared to second guess yourself all the time while missing out on the pure joy of playing.

        My V's were a NEED, and I haven't looked back in regret once. I can always look at my pro/con list, and know without a shadow of a doubt why I shelled out the $$. But thankfully, the info on this site helped me save a bunch - so you can get what you NEED (or WHAT) and still save $$$.

        Good luck Butch - the pain will soon be over!
        Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



        • #5

          I think I'll paint mine green and save a few bucks.


          Yes, but so are Rolex watches.

          If Porsche made drums they would be called V Pro's...

          It wasn't all that long ago that Porsche decided to go with new colours.

          My Porsche, err, V Pro's were expensive but I am reasonably certain that I will never have the chance to ever buy another kit (nor will I have to anytime soon) because my gold card is now in little pieces.

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we really do live in age of surfaces!

          Just rambling...

          Whatever you decide is truly up to you, not the folks at Roland. We are not all so easily influenced (thankfully) and for what it is worth this board has answered a great number of my inquiries. It took me years to finally decide on the kit. The biggest factor was how the drums felt to me and how they offered almost endless possiblilites for sound modelling. I still like the sounds (after much tweaking ) in the TD-10 and have not yet purchased the TDW-1.

          Good luck on your purchase.

          Kelly Mercer
          Halifax, Nova Scotia

          My Youtube Channel!

          My "home studio" webcam!


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            Hey if guys want to pay $6ooo for this new
            V set then God Bless you. You're right, I can do whatever I want and I will. For me it's strictly a want. Personally, I'm not
            going to buy anything until I feel there's
            a happy marriage between quality and price.
            Until then I'm happy playing my acoustics.
            In my opinion too many people on this board are willing to say "oh well, that's just what they cost, if you don't want them, don't but them" And I'm not agonizing over anything since I know I'm not paying through the nose for one of those hideous looking new V sets. Finally, is anyone bothered by the Roland hack who responded to my original "porsche " post by deceitfully trying to sway public opinion or is it just me ? Sometimes I think you V drummers act like a bunch of robots. Obviously Roland feels the same way.


            • #7
              Hey Butch, Get real... If you read this board frequently, You'll realize Roland's products are often criticized. Rubbanekk a Roland Hack? I don't think so. But what if he is??? Who Cares??? You need to take a class in the basic principals of capatalism and stop being so naive.


              • #8
                Hello, all! I can respect Butch's opinion...Well, Roland does have a couple new products. Anytime something, new comes from any vendor, the prices are expected to be a little higher than the original product. From the posts and Roland's site, there aren't many improvements, except for the new cymbals (seem pretty cool). Hey! The V drums are amazing! I'm gonna get my V-pro kit and TDW-1...Then upgrade as necessary...
                They are an amazing alternative to the real thing. Just remember...It used to be that you'd accent your acoustic kit with electronics...Now, many companies have made the impossible happen....A real electric kit to compete with acoustics....That's amazing!!!



                • #9
                  Ok, so if Rolands are the Porsche of e-drums, then what are Harts, Ferraris?
                  Then would that make Pintech's Kia's or Hundai's? (j/k)
                  Anybody care to venture a guess on Ddrums?

                  [This message has been edited by Redline (edited January 21, 2001).]


                  • #10
                    You guys just love to work yourselves into a frenzy over nothing. All I've seen is Suggested Retail and one post with a real price. A couple days after formal announcement of a product is hardly enough time to allow for competition to occur and prices to settle. The only person who would pay $4k for a V-Pro in a choice of red or purple is someone who has money to burn, and/or no brains or has to have the biggest and bestest before anyone else. Give the market a chance to work why don'tcha. Does anyone even have stock yet? Sheesh! Patience grasshoppers!
                    Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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                      Butch, I agree with you. Of course, nobody has got to buy it and Roland is here to make money. Yeah sure, that's very true. But that doesn't change anything for me (aaah poor me ). For me that kind of money is ridiculous. I'm in college. Only if I don't spend a cent for 2 years or so, maybe then I can afford it. And even then you have a 4 years old module with an upgrade.
                      I own a DTXpress now, it works fine and I'm sure those vdrums will work a lot better, but for that money, no way. I really don't think it's worth the money. And sure, I don't have to buy it and, trust me, I won't, but that doesn't make be not a little bit angry or frustrated (I'm already used to the idea now, so I'm not really frustrated or angry). Some people just get a little frustrated by that price, let them. It'll get over
                      I also can't see why the price has to be so high. Sure, they've had to develop some stuff. But things like a new colour. A lot of really smart and 'innovative' people probably had to think a long time about that and the costs of making that are probably much higher. Yeah right.

                      I know now that I'm not going to buy a new edrumkit for a while. In my opinion there isn't a kit on the market right now that's worth all that money considering I already have the DTXtreme. I'm just going to drum on happily and not think about wanting more and more which is so easy, and maybe the next NAMM will bring us some new very cool modules (probably not though).
                      Anyway, like a great man once said:
                      "Don't worry, be happy"
                      Being angry or frustrated is just a waste of time!



                      • #12
                        Originally posted by @oM:
                        In my opinion there isn't a kit on the market right now that's worth all that money considering
                        You can write this every 4 year. There always will be something to wish and to improve and prices for top of the line equipment always will be high. Comparing a DTXPress with the high-end Vdrums, ddrums and DTXTreme is not realistic. Just different chapters.


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                          Yeah In 4 years I'll probably write the same but then with other names (unless I'm very rich then of course)
                          But they're both edrums, so I don't think it's weird at all to compare them. Comparing edrums to acoustic drums, ok maybe... But edrums to edrums. Maybe different paragraphs, but not different chapters if you ask me


                          • #14
                            Well, IM a 20 YEAR OLD KID FROM WINNIPEG!
                            SO YEP, its me MR.roland!!!!
                            Im molding your feeble little minds as we speak hahahahahahah.

                            get real!
                            If you cant control your impulses, and big bad roland "molds" you, then i think you should do these 2 things.
                            1. Move on, as soon as possible. There must be other things in your life less frustrating and more enjoyable
                            2.realize your post did NOT get my blood boiling, your attitude did.

                            take care, and good luck.
                            TD8, SPD-20, Handsonic
                            Pintech Silentech pads x4
                            Pintech Mesh kick
                            Studio elite pads x3
                            Roland CY-6 X2
                            NI Battery, Behringer KX-1200


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                              A couple of thoughts here. I just sold my V's. Butch, if I disagree with your post, please do not paint me as a Roland shill. I do, think every one of your posts on here is foolish. You are freaking out over absolutely nothing.
                              1. Roland can charge whatever it damn well pleases. They are not regulated.
                              2. Roland has not charged anybody anything yet. All you are doing is speculating.
                              3.I believe there are many posts on this board that are anti Vdrum, anti Roland. Most of the posts carry weight.I think the V's are a terrific product and you pay a high price for that. The is the choice of the buyer and seller.

                              Learn to relax...
                              Roland TD50x
                              Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.