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Anyone tried these Sonor Giant Step pedals?

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  • Anyone tried these Sonor Giant Step pedals?


    They look interesting.

    I was also wondering- is there a hihat pedal that allows you to use your toes of each foot for double bass pedals, and your left heel for the hihat? If not, I may design one!

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    I guess you're right, but I play heel-down so it's a bit more difficult.

    I'm also in the market for a remote hihat. I'm planning to build a custom accoustic kit, but I'm so used to the hihat-at-12oclock position that I use with the V drums that I don't think I can go back to crossing arms. A remote hat is the only answer, but they seem really expensive for what they are! I may consider building my own remote hihat too.


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      Hey let me know if you here about giant step reviews i saw the pics too and wonder how heel down players can adapt.


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        Sorry to drudge this thread up from the wine cellar, but I stumbled upon discussions about this Sonor Twin Effect pedal, and it's intriguing. I have no background in double-bass drumming, but have started to think about learning... I know purists would say I should spend my $300-$400 on a good conventional double-bass pedal, but this seems to have its advantages...

        Harlock, Since you tried one out... Do you think with enough practice someone could become as proficient on one of these as on a real double-bass pedal? Or is the toe/heel concept too limiting? Since I'd be learning double bass drumming from the ground-up, I'm thinking this might be a good stepping stone, since it only requires one foot. Does this limit speed potential, increase it, or is it pretty much the same?

        Comments? Anyone else tried these?
        kit pr0n.


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          I had read that thread, but didn't get much subjective commentary on the pedal from you... The product brochure on Sonor's site is neat, but I'm interested in some less biased reporting on how it plays, and if you could imagine it being effective in real double-bass rhythms...
          kit pr0n.


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            Thanks for the advice... Once I figure out what kick pad I'm going with (possibly homemade) I'll start looking at double pedals... I'm tempted to go with one of the Sonors, but I guess I should "do the right thing" and learn proper double-bass technique before going to something more non-traditional.

            I guess the fact that these things aren't selling like crazy and aren't really being copied by the "big boys" is evidence enough that they're not as useful as conventional double-bass pedals.
            kit pr0n.