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Just about to buy a TD8

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  • Just about to buy a TD8

    Can anyone tell just how realistic the mesh heads are, is the TD10 worth the extra cash or should I stick with the Td8.

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    The mesh heads are as realistic as mesh heads and yes, the TD-10 is worth the xtra cash, maybe more.


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      Mesh heads play just fine, and the TD-10 is NOT NECESSARILY worth the extra cash! Depends what you want to do with it. If you want to play (live or recording) and do some basic sequencing, then TD-8 is just fine. If you feel you *have* to have a 3-zone ride (and spend about $300 on one, plus use up an extra input), or do more extensive sequencing, then you might want to go with the TD-10. But the TD-8 has tons of quality sounds and adjustable trigger and instrument parameters, which should satisfy even the fairly discriminating e-drummer IMO.

      (BTW, if you look at the archives, you will notice that expense is of no concern to Marc., so you may wish to take his response in that light. $^)