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Hart Dynamics pro 6.4

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  • Hart Dynamics pro 6.4

    Man I love this site.... very informative!
    This is my first post so please ge gentle.
    I'm new to the electronic drum world and I'm trying to decide which set I should get. I played a v session kit at the local Mars a couple weeks ago and I fell in love. I was definately going to buy one. Today I was on e-bay and saw these Hart Dynamics Pro 6.4 and they look awesome. Immediately I came to this site for info. since I never heard of this company before. So far from what I've read it sounds like they are very service oriented and have good products. Anyway they are being auctioned at $2949.00 from SEP Drums and they have 10 available but I find it strange that no one has bid on them with 15 hours left in the auction. I'm very tempted on making a bid but don't know enough about these drums to pull the trigger.The price is very alluring compared to $4000.00+ for the v session. Any info. about this model and whether the price is reasonable would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the long thead.

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    Welcome mutley!
    You can't go wrong with the HDI 6.4. They are the best feeling, most durable e-drums out there. Don't get me wrong, the Rolands are great, but the HDIs are better AND less expensive. They work beautifully with the Roland modules and carry a lifetime warranty to boot. Also, if you do a search for HDI customer service, you will find that it simply can't be beat - Peter Hart even sought out the customer and VOLUNTEERED to replace some eCymbals he had broken (which is nearly impossible to do by the way, it was a freak thing) - <a href="http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/Forum3/HTML/000738.html">Hart Dynamics Goes Above And Beyond!!!</a>
    - andy

    Hart Dynamics ZigaPro Kit (6.4 w/ many extras)


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      I have to agree also. I have had the BX Pros for about a year and have nothing but great things to say about them. In the beginning, I had a couple of querks that needed tending to and they took care of them right away. And they are bulletproof.

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        Thanks for your input fellas.


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          Hey cjude I know you are a vcymbals fan but what is your take on the Hart cymbals and the hi-hat pedal that come with the 6.4?


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            I forgot to mention that the price of $2949
            includes the kit with a td8. In case anyone was wondering.


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              Originally posted by Harlock:
              Also check out the Pintech Vision


              Don't send him to pintech. We all know that ddrums, hart, and roland has the best equipment out there. You don't send someone to Ford when you want a Ferrari


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                [quote]Originally posted by c. jude:
                The Hart cymbals trigger just fine IMO, but I prefer the feel of the Rolands and the great transitions you get between zones with the TDW-1.
                Thanks for the reply. Will you elaborate a touch more on this transitional effect? I am going to go to the store today to see if I can see what you mean. Will I not be able to achieve this effect with a td-8?


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                  I guess I haven't noticed it because on the td-8 kits I have played, the ride was a pd-9 and not a vcymbal, so of course there is no in between zone. But I wonder if a td-8 with the Hart or V-Cymbal would have that transitional effect...

                  Harlock that IS a damn fine looking set.

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                    Originally posted by Harlock:
                    ... sorry about the Pintech publicity, but maybe digitsone can tell us what he thought about his kit...
                    overall i liked my vision kit very much. seems strange to review my kit now that's sold off, but i'll quickly summarize some of the pluses and minuses of my pintech experience ...

                    i'll start with my complaints:
                    - out of the box, the rim trigger on the snare did not work and i had to personally pay to send it back to pintech to get fixed. i think tony carlson was convinced i didn't know how to set up my module correctly but, lo-and-behold, once he tried it himself he agreed that it didn't work. turned out the 1/4" jack had gotten fried somehow. in the end, they fixed and return to me at no charge.
                    - even after getting it fixed, i still couldn't get my snare to trigger with the consistency and sensitivity of the rest of my pads. it may be a function of the size given that (with the exception of the kick) it was the largest pad in my kit. this pad would miss hits the most which was frustrating since it's obviously used the most. it would happen pretty consistently with fast single-strokes at higher dynamics. i would say that it did seem to improve over time, probably more as a function of my getting comfortable with how to play that pad then anything.
                    - the pintech single-ply heads are too bouncy for anyone who desire an acoustic-resembling feel in their kit. the good doctor was generous enough to send me a hart double-ply head, which did make a difference. the kick drum was especially bouncy.
                    - positional sensing doesn't work exceptionally well, although it does somewhat work. the foam over the piezo has a larger area then the roland cones, so this is a natural consequence.

                    now for some praise:
                    - the price (for me at least) was outstanding. i got a 5 piece kit in a beautiful birdseye maple with a natural stain for only $850. i sold 4 of those pads for $950 on ebay. i had a greater return on my e-drums then any other investment in 2001.
                    - they looked beautiful. enough said. many people thought they were "real" drums (ie, acoustic drums) - including my well-known drum teacher!
                    - pintech is, in general, a pleasure to deal with. it would sometimes take tony a little while to get back to me but he was ultimately very helpful and is a good guy.
                    - the tom pads all worked flawlessly with my td-10 module.

                    bear in mind that i had to have purchased one of the first vision kits pintech commercially produced, and that they may have ironed out a few of the quality control issues that were a factor in my kit. i would say that overall that these drums offer a high bang-for-the-buck factor and are a great alternative to paying through the roof for roland pads. pros who plan to use these drums for their primary income might want to look for something with a little better overall trigger but, for the serious amateur or non-e-drum-reliant pro, these are great pads.

                    digits one