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  • handsonic

    Iwould like to hear some feedback by anyone who uses the Handsonic. Thinking of purchasing one, and would love to here the pro's and con's of anyone using them live or in the studio. Thanx.

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    I've got one and use it both live as in the studio. Pros: It's as sensitive as the Roland people claim it to be, not quite as sensitive as the real thing, but probably as close as one can get. The sounds are, with exception of some orchestral sounds, fantastic, and editing is not too difficult. The sequencer is actually useable, in contrast to the TD series modules, still slightly limited in function, but you can get some nice loops going with it. It's a nice machine, and my up-front stage toy, as for now.
    Cons: None that I can think of. My keyboarder borrowed it for a week and tried to program drum tracks with it, he failed, because it's not GM-compliant, and because he's an idiot for not believing me when I told him.


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      Had one. Sold it because I didn't like the size of the playing surface. I thought it was to small. Also, I felt that it was to expensive. Sold my VPros 2 weeks ago. Bought a new Handsonic. I like it a lot now.
      Using it live on stage with the rest of my acoustic hand drum setup. Sounds great. The audience freaks on the sounds. Now that I've focused on it, the size of the pad isn't so much of an issue. I too use the sequencer live. It was a hit with my bandmates too!
      Good luck


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        thanx for the Info!!!!!Damn those nose pickin' keyboardist's!!!!!


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          I bought a Handsonic ( in a contra deal with my old Alesis D4 and some very old Simmons pads) and I have been delighted with it.
          Response it good and almost as good as my acoustic djembe for touch sensitivity.
          Took a while to get used to it but the sound patches are very good..we use them in the studio.
          If there is a fault, it is that there are too many choices..but hey, who cares, it's fun.

          Happy new year..health and peace.

          Pete UK