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Happy with your drums?

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  • Happy with your drums?

    Is anyone out there completely happy with there e-drum set up. Or at least content with the sounds, inputs, etc. I know its kind of aweird question to ask and hard to answer. There are so many different things to consider. I've played drums on and off for several years and I love it. But, as with many others, I have to get an e-drum set up because of sound considerations. Its just really hard to decide on a kit and module.

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    I have to admit my only real disappointment with the TD-8 is the fact you can't assign individual fx to the pads and I think the snares are pretty **** as well. I use the Jazz kit snare and that is it!!!Crash cymbals don't do a lot for me either..


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        I'm very happy with my ddrum, the only dissapointment is that I don't have more of the same! Like more inputs, more memory and so on
        If I had 16 ins I'd be able to trigger my acoustics as well as use all my pads at the same time
        Music was my first love...


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          I think there is a part of most creative people that makes them continually raise the bar. I think that never being completely satisfied with just the past and the present, or at least being fascinated with new alternatives is part of what makes creative people create.

          One downside is where this ends, and where satisfaction is ever found. An unfortunate side effect of being inclined to make things (including music) is the obsession with trying new and better (and sometimes more) ingredients, that almost always goes along with it. Ingredients are part of the process.

          I've heard more justifications from musicians regarding equipment wants/needs then there are ticks in a watch shop. IMO some of the most annoying comes from the players who lack technique and blame equipment and some of the truly saddening cases are the rare players with extraordinary technique who cannot afford better, or have sentimental (or other) ties to certain equipment and can't/don't fully explore their potential. (And there are no shortage of the first kind who fancy themselves the second.)

          I have played and/or owned almost everything readily available when it comes to a's and I have what I believe to be some of the best kit that can be had. I have never been 100% satisfied with anything, and probably, hopefully, never will. On the other hand, I've seldom been more satisfied (with exceptions like meeting my son in the delivery room) than the first time I sat behind my first very own Ludwig 5pc., or the day I upgraded it to a much larger Tama set many years (and additions) later when I was 14, or the first time I played my kit mic'd, etc.

          It's not that the satisfaction is short lived, but rather some satisfaction in what I've put together, and some coming from the search for what could make it better for me. I was thinking as I write this that I'd really love to have that old Ludwig kit back today. I learned more on that than I did in school. I bet I could really make it sing now. Then I thought, I'd give it the great cymbals it always deserved, and top notch heads...contemporary pedals...and...heck, I rest my case. Cause soon, it would be something else, and maybe eventually, if it didn't live up to what I already have, it would again be put aside.

          It'll probably be the same with e's. I'll probably always be evaluating the available alternatives. I have a mental blueprint of what my e kit will look like when "finished". It took years to research before I purchased anything, and has changed several times. It is likely that what is in the blueprint will be assembled in my studio in the next few weeks. Perhaps, I'll be completely satisfied...at least for a moment...

          On a lighter note, I can have a ball playing a small responsive quality jazz kit or even doing my Buddy Rich rip-offs on a small old set. But I imagine, like the responses you have already seen, you will get a lot of, I love my gear, but... It kind of goes with the territory and I think its part of the makeup of the inhabitants.


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            Beautifully stated, dr. kildrum.

            Yes, I am happy. If Roland had a product I thought wasn't good enough, I wouldn't have bought it. Would I like it to be better? Of course. The sounds aren't as natural as Clavia's, but the TD-8 is flexible and still offers features the ddrum4 doesn't. But when the vaporous ddrum5 finally appears, and if it incorporates updated features and technology, which it undoubtedly will, I might decide to move on from the V's.

            However, I don't regret my purchase for one minute.


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              I'm happy with my kit. I've got everything I need at this time, and I know that with MIDI I can expand it ad infinitum if I have/want to.

              "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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                from Dr. Kildrum:

                I've heard more justifications from musicians regarding equipment wants/needs then there are ticks in a watch shop. IMO some of the most annoying comes from the players who lack technique and blame equipment...
                As District Representative of T.L.R.S.W.B.E. (Technique-Lacking Rhythmic Stylists Who Blame Equipment), I take decidedly indignant umbrage from the above statement.

                It is precisely this sort of techniphilic bigotry which has caused the thousands of members of T.L.R.S.W.B.E. to live our lives hidden from view, as if we were "untouchables", scurrying between dank music rooms and our local music stores, feverishly brandishing our credit cards in yet another desperate attempt to fix what nature hath wrought.

                Please don't misunderstand us - we don't really blame all you L.S.G.D.'s (Lousy Stinking Good Drummers) individually, it's the systemic bias which rankles our chronically-spastic community.

                Most people don't realize just how much we benefit the drumming community in general, and especially you L.S.G.D.'s in particular.

                First of all, if it wasn't for us, you guys wouldn't get all the gigs!

                Imagine if you always had to audition against a squadron of Dennis Chambers' or Dave Wekyl's? Lovely?

                Well, that's how it is for us.

                And secondly, if it wasn't for the unflagging work of T.L.R.S.W.B.E. , there would never have been any innovation in the industry at all.

                Let's face it, Vinnie Coliata sounds good playing a stack of dirty dishes!

                If not for our energies, everybody would still be using calfskin Leedys and clay doumbeks.

                V-drums, ddrums, MIDI, electric sticks - c'mon, they'd never have seen the light of day.

                So, please, the next time you hear someone layin' done a really disjointed groove, throwin' in way too many you-know-what fills, and just generally stinking the place up, don't think of me I mean them with pity,
                give them their due.

                Give 'em a smile, help to pick up their spirits as you pick up their dropped sticks, and make our world a better place.

                Thanks, and, peace to you

                Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                  Excuse me while I clean the coffee spewage from my computer monitor.

                  If there was ever a post that brought into clarity what my purpose on this earth was vis-a-via drumming, you just nailed it Gingerbaker.

                  Now I know I'm somebody (and I'm Special),


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                    I feel so ashamed. But, don't judge too quickly, I didn't put myself in or denounce being in, any particular category, really. Just observed that one type is somewhat more annoying than the other.

                    But seriously, gingerbaker, LOL is overused but for real, I did. You're a wordsmith. Who needs to quote old Python around here?

                    And my sincerest apologies to T.L.R.S.W.B.E. Maybe I can work out a little group discount with some contacts I know to get your members discounted electric sticks with pine-tar handles and custom personalized name engraving. (I hear that especially the name thing helps your playing.)


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                      Pine tar!

                      Man oh man what a great idea!

                      If we could just find a stick company with some decent quality control. I tell you, these mismatched sticks really make it impossible to do a smooth roll, you know what I mean?

                      Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                        Now back with the question, I am happy way happy with my set for practicing.
                        Can't be beat.he he.

                        Live? well, it is taking some real work to get it right in that the other members aren't whining about fake drums.
                        Levels are very hard to emulate a real kit.
                        Getting the cymbals right, the toms, not too much kick...

                        I am again going to try the v's live in a variety of situations and now that I have the BBE and the mackie sub and the G2 I think it's now time to unleash them again.

                        I spent a lot of time the other day trying to get a more natural sound and level between the kits and sound sources.
                        Geez, it's not easy is it?

                        Gingerbaker, you kill me.

                        Jeff, using...
                        td 8,PD-120,
                        pintech pads,gibraltor rack, JBL G2 EON 15 AND Mackie srs-1500, BBE 462 yamaha maple customs, remo jazz kit, buttloads of cymbals... 96 Tahoe,leather.
                        The original Gig Pig.


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                          gingerbaker! The T.L.R.S.W.B.E. Society sounds like my kind of people. Where do I sign up?



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                            Originally posted by Marc.:
                            gingerbaker! The T.L.R.S.W.B.E. Society sounds like my kind of people. Where do I sign up?

                            Hell, I think I was a founding member... in good standing, I might add!

                            Well, I do like my new V-Clubs. I pretty much have created a kit that works for my needs. I think the triggering is pretty accurate, and I especially love that I can play them quite softly and still get a decent sound out of them without having to beat the **** out of them! It's also very easy on the wrists as by not hitting so hard, there's not as much wear and tear on the tendons and such.

                            Myself, being a poster-boy for T.L.R.S.W.B.E., I also appreciate that since I've been playing on this kit, I have been inspired to go back to the basics and try to tighten up my technique. Especially since I got the PD-80R for my snare, I find myself just sitting down at the kit and running thru drills, without even turning it on. Just playing it like a practice pad. Really nice!

                            I like 'em!!


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                              Well, now that I have my drums I can say I am happy with them. However, like I've said in many other posts, they are too loud for playing late at night. Mainly the high hat is too loud. That was kind of missleading. Then, you've got the whole issue of the pounding from the drumset into the floor, downstairs, nextdoor, etc.

                              Oh well. I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. Now I understand that you can't be completely happy about everything. There is allways something bad along with the something good.

                              Otherwise I like being able to play practically anytime I want, and the seemingly endless choices between sounds, set-ups, etc.