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Magix software w/TD-10?

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  • Magix software w/TD-10?

    Anyone else using Magix Music Studio G6? I'm trying to learn how to use it. I'm using the MIDI Studio to try to record a midi track from my TD-10. I'm running into a number of problems, but I'll start with the simplest. When I play a pattern from the TD-10, I hear the TD-10 output AND some kind of "extra" drumset that the audio card seems to be generating. Any idea why this is happening?

    Here's my setup:
    1. MIDI out from the TD-10 to my sound card's MIDI input
    2. Master Left out from the TD-10 to my sound card's line input
    3. On the TD-10 I turned Local Control to Off (but this seems to have no effect whatsoever, whether it's set to On or Off)
    4. In Magix, I've set the channel for the track to 10.

    Any ideas?

    TD-10 (not expanded), PD-120, 2xPD-100, KD-7, snare stand, double-tom stand.