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  • sequencing

    Xclnt group!

    Hey guys, I'm closing in on an e-drum purchase - likely Hart w/td8. Would appreciate any discussion about sequencing strengths/weaknesses vis-a-vis the roland brains (10 & 8) (as well as modules/products hitherto unbeknownst).

    Also, I read something here that indicated a technical difference between the Hart Pro series pads (triggers?) and those that might be on say the BX Studio. Any help?

    Finally anyone care to weigh in on kick triggers: inverted vs. upright head? feel? fatigue? durability?

    TIA - and btw, all you retailers and manufacturers would be doing your potential clientele a great service by linking to this site.


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    You are right about this site, but part of the initiation usually entails the first-timer asking a question that has been answered countless times already, and being not answered or just being told to use the search function.

    I'll be only a little more charitable because all your answers are really already here in detail.

    The sequencers on the TD modules are toys.

    Hartdynamics says their newer drums come with improved triggering and they can upgrade older Hart's. Check their site.

    Kicks are a debate of epic proportions, fix yourself a snack and do a search on that.

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      Part of forum etiquette demands respect for newbies, not sarcasm and "find it yourself" responses.

      To answer your questions about inverted versus upright triggering...it's always a personal issue. I use both. For slower songs with sparse bass patterns, I prefer the upright. For faster, tighter patterns I prefer the inverted beater. However, I'm using Pintech trigger pads. I found that the Roland V-Custom bass pad is great for anything I throw at it, perhaps due to its smaller diameter.
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