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Jumped in blind....

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  • Jumped in blind....

    I was origionaly looking at a Concert Cast kit and maybe going with a TD6 module for my first electronic set. But this morning I saw Zzounds was running Studio kits ("Non-factory sealed") with TD8 for $1399 so I hopped on that. It appears that the module is more substantial than the TD6.
    Anybody have any feedback on the rest of this kit?
    Is there any spec on bit-depth with these modules? I'll be recording into a ST Audio C-Port 24/96. What about monitoring when I'm not recording? I have a 20watt bass amp and a 65 watt Marshall combo. Will I damage these amps with the drums?

    Thanks in advance.
    I'm glad to have found this site as I don't know squat about "digi-drums"!

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    I don't think bit depth is really relevant because the Roland modules are not sample based systems. Am I correct on this?


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      As for your last question - will it damage your amps - I would give a hearty "Yea, Verily" to that one.

      Also, you most likely would not like the sound quality coming out of such speakers. The drums challenge speaker systems mightily in frequency and transient response, dynamics, etc, as well as plain old physically.

      Try the "Search" function for monitor(s) - there are tons of threads discussing what most people find successful.

      Welcome to the forum and Good Luck!
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