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    I've noticed that most of the "e-drummers" are either using, or recommending JBL G2's or Mackie SRM 450's as their on-stage drum monitors. Currently, I am using a Peavey KB100. While this was fine when I played in a country band, I'm finding it severely lacking now that I play in a hard rock/alternative band. My question is this...although the above mentioned products my be the preferred, has anyone tested or used the Behringer Ultrawave B300. It has a 15" woofer and 300W. For more info....http://www.behringer.de/eng/products/speakersystems/b300.htm. I'm considering this product mainly because of the big $$$ difference. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie
    DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie

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    Just a note, Yamaha now produces active speakers too (don't know the model #). And you can always buy one used -- the SRM450 is built like a tank so unless it was misused you can probably find one in great condition.
    Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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      1. I think the Behringer Ultrawave is too light for e-drums.
      2. The Behringer company may be questionable because of accusations for child labour and the louzy suppliers of electronic parts they use as a result of which the Behringer products are cheap but never in stock...


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        Aloha y'all,

        thank you for the feedback...I appreciate all the help you and the rest of this forum has given me. Hopefully, I'll someday be able to return the favor.

        DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie