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Beato Bag prices?

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  • Beato Bag prices?

    Is there a good place online to purchase beato bags? I want to purchase the bag that would hold the v drums(session kit)I don't want the rack bag and the TD-10 bag(170.00 Extra)...just the one for the drums...Guitar Center offered it to me for 79.00...Is that good?

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    I don't know the price off the top of my head, but I do know I've seen these in musician's friend and I think interstate music supply. the addy's are www.musiciansfriend.com and www.interstatemusic.com respectivly. Try that out.
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      I bought the three for a v-pro set at Guitar Center for 250.00.

      The only one that works well is the rack bag. The module bag (which also holds the pedals) does not have room for the module stand attached to the bottom of the module. You can get it zipped closed, but I'd rather not have the top of the module rubbing the side of the bag. The pad bag doesn't really account for the length across the pd-120 with bracket assembly which causes a tight fit when zipping closed and it is one short of having dividers for all the v-pro pads, so currently I double up the pd-7 against a pd-9.

      Maybe they have different case sets, but this is my experience.