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For europe: new Roland V drums CDROM

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  • For europe: new Roland V drums CDROM

    Hi guys,

    Just released by Roland Belgium a 33 minutes video for PC or MAC on CDROM

    Roland Digital drums and percussion presented by belgiums superdrummer (and Vdrums expert) Michael Schack.

    He's demo'ing the V cymbals, HPD15 handsonic, TD6K, SPD6, Boss sampler and .. .the V session set.

    It's GREAT !!!

    Get it at your european Roland dealer.
    (I send Roland Belgium a mail and got it from them...they do really good service..! )

    info at www.ROLAND.BE

    Cheers..... Sjoerie ...

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    Indeed Sjoerd, Roland Benelux has a very good service! (wish Clavia had better service over here )

    Music was my first love...