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TD8 or TD10?

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  • TD8 or TD10?

    Hi all,

    I'm going to buy one or the other, but can't decide which one. Is anyone familiar with the major differences? Is the TD 10 worth the extra $400?

    I'm going to use it primarily as an add on to my acoustic kit, but also as a practice kit with pintech pads and some roland pads.

    I currently use a SPD-20, but would rather have the flexibility of the separate brain.


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    i'd suggest you use the search tool on this site. as you can imagine, this topic has been addressed a great many times.

    both are excellent modules, you should simply determine what your needs are and see which one fits that profile better. it will become clear why the td-10 is more expensive (but is it a better value?) once you do some homework.

    good luck.


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      On what I know now, I should advice you to buy a TD-8.

      - It has more sounds - even more than the expanded TD-10
      - It has better sounds. Especially compared with an unexpanded td-10 which has lame tom sounds and bad cymbals and some bad percussion sounds. Only the bass drums and a few snares kick ass.
      - it has a larger sequencer. The td-10 only has some patterns
      - the td-8 is more stable in dynamics and sensitivity.
      - it's cheaper.

      On the other hand:
      - a td-8 has less V-edit functions. But do you need them all?
      - the td-8 can't be expanded. But is the td-10 expanded all the time? Only once. And some people concern it as a down-grade compared to the td-10.
      - the td-8 doesn't have effects. It does have some room settings. Decide what you need and look at the quality of the effects.
      - a TD8 set has smaller pads. When you don't like this I would merge a td-8 module with PD100 and PD120 pads


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        Yap, yap, yap = 1700 posts, Pooty!

        -Alex & V's: http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr
        Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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          Originally posted by digitsone:
          i'd suggest you use the search tool on this site. as you can imagine, this topic has been addressed a great many times.

          Are you sure that this topic has been discussed before 'cause I don't know about that this may be the first