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What do you think about this ?

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  • What do you think about this ?

    It looks like a good buy to me.

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    Is it just me, or does it look like it's somewhere outside laying on the ground.


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      He used it as his snare "on tour", but he wants to sell it for $35? Right. Some things aren't worth buying at any price, unless you just have to satisfy your curiosity. Might make a nice ash tray.


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        Man, I could spend $35.00 in about 2 seconds if I was out on the town with my bros.

        If it works, it is still cheaper than any similar Roland product.

        Are you guys that cheap ???


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          Originally posted by suuntov:
          If it works, it is still cheaper than any similar Roland product.

          Are you guys that cheap ???
          Quite the opposite. We have been Rolandized & brain-fed to believe anything cheap is next to trash. We are programmed that if it costs an arm & a leg, it will function as per our dreams. We are Night of the Roland Dead ...

          $pend - $pend - $pend


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            Mmmmmmm, Roland...

            (empty eyed and Homer zombie like )
            Kelly Mercer
            Halifax, Nova Scotia

            My Youtube Channel!

            My "home studio" webcam!


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              Quite the opposite suun dude. With about $15 G in drums, amps, mixers, effects, mics, lights, cases, stands, you name it, cheap is about as far from my approach as you can get. I just never have any luck with anything free or really cheap because I end up spending too much time messing with it to get it to work and then realize its not really that great after all (ex: free TOA mixer/amp that cost me $180 to fix that really doesn't sound very good after all compared to my KC-500). But hey, $35 is pretty close to free, so give it a try if you feel compelled. I'd be interested to hear if it works out.


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                I wrote to the guy out of curiosity and he actually took the drum apart and shot pics at my suggestion! I was kinda amazed that he did it. If anyone is really interested in this thing, and wants a copy of his email, and/or pics, I can try to get it off my laptop, and e-mail it to you. The drum is, as expected, a single zone pad with a drum head with foam underneath. There is no cone trigger, but rather a patch like trigger mounted near the edge to the bottom of the head. My guess is that it will feel much like most other drum head over foam e-pads (if you are O.K. with that), but will probably trigger like sh1t compared to a more contemporary Vdrum.


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                  HMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I wonder why they never produced it, and what's with that awesome mounting system. That looks like one heavy duty clamp there